Mister Fisher, a NPC met in Grancel

Herbert Fisher is an inhabitant of the town of Grancel.

He's found behind the counter at the Fisherman's Guild located next to the town's Bracer Guild.

His defining characteristic is a passion of fishing so intense it scares even Estelle, who's an avid angling enthusiast herself. Not content being a devoted fisherman himself with a fierce competitive streak, he founded the Fisherman's Guild in order to spread the joy of fishing.

As the club's founder and a top class fisherman in his own right, he's earned the nickname "The Duke of Angling" among his fellow guild members. The guild he set up is about a lot more than merely a place for fishing enthusiasts to exchange tips and fishing spots though. They have an actual entrance exam where the existing members serve as proctors and the guild sells some of the best hand-made fishing equipment on the continent, receiving orders from around the world.

Inspired by the martial arts competition in Grancel, Mister Fisher dreams of holding and participating in tournaments of his own one day, so that fishing enthusiasts can match their skill against each other in similar fashion.

When the Intelligence Division introduces a curfew and closes the checkpoints, airport and docks, the Fisherman's Guild becomes extremely limited in bodies of water to fish in and is unable to go on nightly fishing trips as well, causing Mister Fisher to comment that it's a dark time for the guild. Fortunately, the coup ends up being thwarted and not only is the guild once again free to fish wherever and whenever they desire, but Mister Fisher is also introduced to a very promising new recruit, Norche, who's new at the sport but nevertheless shows great promise as a member.

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