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Hercules (ハーキュリーズ) is a special force of the Republic Army of Calvard.


Hercules is a special forces unit and fifth platoon of the Calvardian military. They use technology from Verne including special weaponry and state of the art gunships and a special RAMDA unit that allows them to enter stealth mode.

Trails of Cold Steel III

In S.1206, Hercules infiltrates Heimdallr in order to determine what Erebonia's "D-Day" refers to.[1] They are equipped with a fifth-generation tactical orbment known as RAMDA, which has been developed in secrecy in Calvard.[1] Agents are also present in Crossbell, with Humphry acting as a tourist, but issuing a 'Code 308' when he discovers the Imperial Defence Force guards are tougher than expected.

After successful attacks on the imperial Privy Council,[2] Food Agency,[3] and Imperial Chronicle, three members escape through Heimdallr's underground network of tunnels on June 16.[1] They are stalled by Class VII, but slip through their efforts using their RAMDA's spatial projection. They do not get far however, as they are intercepted by Thors Military Academy's Class I at Himmel Cemetery and are forced to surrender. They demand to be treated as prisoners of war following international law.[1]

After the apprehension of these three members, the remaining members are put on high alert and attempt to hide out in the Heimdallr Catacombs, where five of them would be killed by Lucifuge.[4] In total, over a hundred members were apprehended in or around Heimdallr and handed over to the Railway Military Police and Intelligence Division.[5]

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Some of Hercules' members continued to operate in Erebonia even after the Great Twilight, but it is later revealed that these members are operating on their own accord. They were originally suppsoed to be repatriated but the shooting of the emperor put those plans on hold. They escaped from their cells in the following period. With Class VII's assistance, Kaela was able to bring this squad under control after tracking them down twice, first missing out on capturing them, and then successfully in the Avon Hills. Time was of the essence for most of the unit, including Captain Reagan, had been consumed by the Erebonian curse and were willing to target civilians. Cody tried to convince them otherwise, but the commander refused to listen, even using Nosferatu in combat. There were worries that they would once again become noct-familia permanently before capture. The unit is permitted to be repatriated after they give up their state of the art Verne gunship as a military secret.


  • Captain Reagan (リーガン大尉)
  • Cody (コーディ)- warrant officer
  • Humphrey (ハンフリー) - direct supervising officer
  • Kaela (カエラ)
  • Arts (アルツ)
  • Leno (レノ): missing in action[4]


  • Following the principle of naming military units of the Republic Army of Calvard after stars or constellations, Hercules is most likely named after the constellation Hercules.


Trails of Cold Steel III


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