Hercules (ハーキュリーズ) is a special force of the Republic Army of Calvard.


In S.1206, Hercules infiltrates Heimdallr in order to determine what Erebonia's "D-Day" refers to.[1] They are equipped with a fifth-generation tactical orbment known as RAMDA, which has been developed in secrecy in Calvard.[1]

After successful attacks on the imperial Privy Council,[2] Food Agency,[3] and Imperial Chronicle, they escape through Heimdallr's underground network of tunnels on June 16.[1] They are stalled by Class VII, but slip through their efforts using their RAMDA's spatial projection. Outside, at Himmel Cemetery, they are detained by Thors Military Academy's Class I. They demand to be treated as prisoners of war following international law.[1]

In total, close to a hundred members of Hercules are arrested throughout Heimdallr and handed over to the Railway Military Police and Intelligence Division.[4]


  • Captain Regan (リーガン大尉): arrested[5]
  • Arts (アルツ): arrested[5]
  • Leno (レノ): missing in action[6]
  • Squad of five members: killed by Lucifuge[6]


  • Following the principle of naming military units of the Republic Army of Calvard after stars or constellations, Hercules is most likely named after the constellation Hercules.


Trails of Cold Steel III


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