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Hermann Conrad (ヘルマン・コンラート) is the owner of the Conrad Company and a member of the Reinford Group's board of directors, and one of the Erebonia's most wealthy men.


Conrad created his company in S.1193. He is considered a "merchant of death", a weapon dealer who made a fortune during the Hundred Days War, despite being a relative newcomer.

At some point in the past, Ouroboros gave him the Fool's Locket, an artifact that lets its bearer pass all but the most obvious lies off as complete truth.[1]


Conrad is an arrogant man, and with the fame and power he amassed through the use of his artifact he thinks himself untouchable.


Trails in the Sky the 3rd

In November, S.1203,[Note 1] during the Lusitania's maiden voyage, Hermann Conrad holds a masquerade ball for influential people in Erebonia, hiring a company of Northern Jaegers for security. Kevin Graham infiltrated the party to retrieve the Fool's Locket and return it to the Septian Church.

After obtaining the artifact and dealing with the party's guards, Kevin faces Conrad and arrests him for unauthorised possession of, and illegal use of, the artifact. Kevin then knocks him out and escapes with his unconscious body from the Lusitania, sending him and the artifact to Arteria on Kevin's Merkabah.[1]



  1. On the following day, Kevin meets Dorothy Hyatt, who states that Nial Burns' birthday was "last Friday",[1] which is on November 25th according to the Orbal Compatibility Tester during the Jenis Royal Academy campus festival in Trails in the Sky FC.[2]
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