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Hermes (エルメス) is a character introduced in Kuro no Kiseki.



Hermes is a young woman with long black hair. Her face cannot be seen because she always wears a white motorcycle helmet with a dark visor obscuring any identifiable features. Hermes wears black leather gloves and pants, heeled boots, what may be a black tank top and a white jacket with belts around the arms.


Hermes is an enigmatic character whose true identity is unclear. She is not afraid to take risks and supports those she is acquainted with.


Hermes runs a special bike delivery service that can run anything from food, to medicine, to weapons.

Hermes has completed delivery jobs for Van Arkride in the past, saving him a lot of trouble, although it has been a while since he has done so. She is good friends with Back Alley doctor Isabelle, a fellow woman working in the underworld. The two are close enough that Isabelle has seen her face.

Kuro no Kiseki

Van recognises Hermes when she delivers an arts driver as a reward from the Central Intelligence Division. She remarks it has been a while since he last made use of her skills and tells him about her new service. Van can buy items from any shop from the city using her as a courier in exchange for a small fee.

Hermes makes a few sporadic appearances, being seen having a drink in the Dark-Light District, delivering a letter on behalf of Elaine Auclair and again talking to Back Alley doctor Isabelle in the Dark-Light District. When Edith enters martial law, Hermes offers to hang out with Van after making a delivery, despite the rain.

Van invites Hermes to join in on a street race. She faces off against fellow biker and member of the new Highbloods, Damian. She wins using her bike's turbo charger. On revolution Day, Hermes is invited to take part in the rematch. This time, she races Walter Kron and narrowly beats him after accelerating in a difficult position. She is covertly working with Yang Cronkite on an undisclosed project.

In the finale, Hermes is able to move during Pandemonium and she helps Paulette and Yumé escape from the Vantaille District via bike. She offered a ride to Elaine as well but the barrier stopped her after Elaine ran off alone.