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The Hermit's Garden (隠者の庭園) also known as The Garden of Recluse is an area in the dimension of Phantasma created by Celeste D. Von Auslese.

In Trails in the Sky the 3rd, the location serves as the central hub where the party gathers and rest. As Phantasma is crafted after Kevin's memories some of its landmarks are fashioned from those.


Central Monument

the central momument simple in form but complex in function, its workings are never detailed though it houses an important function both in gameplay and story as the object functions as shop and orbment station. More importantly, and vital for the gameplay is that the station is where new party members get awakened from the crystals found through Phantasma.

Great Tree

The Great Tree functions as a shop creating ingredients so Kevin can cook in-game. At discovery Ries links the existence of the Tree to Verse 7 of the Book of Genesis, 'The Primal Ground'; That great tree took root near to a seven-colored spring, and there it granted blessings and joy...


As it's name implies the Library is a place in the Garden that holds several books. In-game it is a collection of all books from older games that can be read and new ones discovered in this game. Said books appear at set times based off the chapter and have to be interacted with before reading, if not interacted with they will have disappeared next chapter making it impossible to read them. Besides this list of books there are some titles mentioned we have no further data on but are described as very rare or outright banned by the Church per Kevin's words;

  • Ignorant Cults
  • The Kin of Vegarna
  • The Cosmographica
  • Azure Fragments
  • Isthmian Tales (banned by the Congregation for the Sacraments)
  • Liberlian Cuisine


The fountain is decorated as a laid back area with a table and stools which is commonly used as a backdrop for party members sitting down with each other. The fountain itself charges itself up giving the option to fully recharge the party's CP meter.