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The Herschels (ハーシェル) are the family of Towa Herschel, primarily including her aunt, Martha; uncle, Fred; and cousin, Kai. Together they live above the Herschel General Store on Vesta Street in Heimdallr, Erebonia.


Towa Herschel

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Martha Herschel

Martha Herschel is the aunt of Towa, wife to Fred and mother of Kai.

Martha is a woman with light brown hair tied back and striking yellow eyes, sharing a strong familial resemblance to her niece, Towa. She wears a pale yellowy green blouse with a blue ribbon tied around the collar and beige capri pants. She also wears a purple apron with a cream stripe and blue flats.

Martha works at Hershel's general store which she owns alongside her husband, Fred.

Fred Herschel

Fred Herschel is the uncle of Towa, husband to Martha and father of Kai.

Fred is a tall man with swept grey hair. He has the appearance of always squinting with his eyes, only opening them narrowly. He wears a navy button up shirt and yellow cravat with beige trousers and a striped blue waistcoat.

Kai Herschel

Kai is the son of Fred and Martha. He can often be found playing hide and seek with his friends on Vesta Street. He notably isn't fond of Rean Schwarzer upon first meeting him, thinking that he has adverse intentions for his cousin.

Towa's unnamed mother and father

Towa's parents

A photograph in Trails of Cold Steel III shows an infant Towa with her two parents. Her father is quite tall and well dressed whilst her mother seems to share the same distinctive features of the Herschel family, namely the wavy brown hair and striking yellow eyes. There are two versions of this photograph and in one of them, Towa's mother is wearing round glasses.

Her parents were both scholars who unfortunately died in an aircraft accident on their way back from an international congress in Crossbell prior to the start of the series.

Towa's unnamed grandfather

Towa's grandfather was a famous astronomer and director of the Imperial Museum in the Leica District. Towa's Grandfather was reputedly very interesting in stargazing, and Towa retains his telescope in the family home. He is also the one who inspired her into going into an academic life. There are also two versions of a photograph including Towa's grandather: one where he has hair and a beard, and another where he is bald with a moustache.


Towa lost her parents in an airship accident prior to the start of the series. Her grandfather also passed away at an undetermined point. Towa was raised by her aunt and uncle in Vesta Street.

Trails of Cold Steel III and IV

The first mention of Towa's family is when the new Class VII visit the western side of Heimdallr on their field exercises involving the safeguarding of the capital during the summer festival. Towa invites Rean Schwarzer and his students for lunch at their home where they are introduced to Towa's family.

In the attack on Hiemdallr by Magic Knights and Cryptids, Fred and Martha assist in getting civilians to safety and shelter.

After the manifestation of the Tuatha De Danann above Hiemdallr, Martha and Kai end up in Leeves where they encounter Rean and company. he turns out Fred had been drafted and Martha had closed shop and evacuated in response to the upcoming start of war. After wishing each other safety, both groups are on their way.


Trails of Cold Steel III and IV


  • The surname 'Herschel' reappears as the surname of Nayuta Herschel in Nayuta no Kiseki. He shares his stargazing hobby with Towa's grandfather but a clear connection between the two has not yet been established.