The Holy Beasts (聖獣(せいじゅう)) are creatures who have made an oath with Aidios to watch over the Sept-Terrion given to mankind. In Trails in the Sky SC, Kevin Graham points out that in one of the scriptures of the Septian Church was written: "And the Goddess, having bequeathed Her treasures, sent forth the Holy Beasts to observe the path the children of Men would take."

At present, four Holy Beasts are known.

List of Holy Beasts

Name Treasure Element Visual
Ancient Dragon
Aureole Liberl Crest Space
Ragnard (SC)
Divine Wolf
Demiourgos Crossbell Emblem Mirage
Winged Searing Beast
Ark Rouge Erebonia Crest Fire
True Roselia (Sen IV)
Nameless One
Lost Zem Erebonia Crest Earth
Algres (Sen IV)
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