Hotel Esmeralda (Sen II)

Hotel Esmeralda as seen from Central Plaza, Bareahard.

Hotel Esmeralda (ホテル・エスメラルダ) is a high-class hotel located on Central Plaza, Bareahard.


The hotel is known for its policy is to give members of the nobility preferential treatment. Commoners will require an advanced booking or have the referral from a noble in order to book a room, making most of their guests nobles.


Hotel Esmeralda - Interior (Sen)

Hotel Esmeralda's staff receiving Class VII in Bareahard.


The hotel's staff consists of General Manager Richelieu, his assistant Enrique and housekeeper Tamia.


Baron Fafnir and his son Conan came from Heimdallr to Bareahard for business. They stay at Hotel Esmeralda during Trails of Cold Steel and again during Trails of Cold Steel II.


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