Hugo Kleist (ヒューゴ・クライスト) is the managing director of Kleist & Co. and an alumnus of Thors Military Academy's Class III ('04-'06).


Born and raised as the son of Kleist & Co.'s owner, Hugo grew up to become an aspiring businessman. Even after enrolling at Thors Military Academy, he continued to live at home in Heimdallr so he could help his father run his company. At the academy, Hugo developed a mercantile competition with the similar minded Becky.

Charismatic and clever, Hugo does whatever it takes to maximise his income. Even during the Erebonian Civil War, he travelled through Erebonia to establish a commerce network to unite imperial businesses. Rather than hogging all the money, he decided to donate all income generated through the academy's flea market to the empire's post-war recovery.

After his graduation, Hugo started working full-time as the managing director of Kleist & Co., making cool-blooded, rational decisions wherever he goes.

Character Notes

Trails of Cold Steel

Hugo Kleist
Hugo Kleist Note (Sen) Year 1 Class III (Unaffiliated)
A student who commutes from Heimdallr every day. Seems to get along well with the budding merchant Becky.
Kleist & Co.
Despite being a student, he helps run his father's company, Kleist & Co.

Trails of Cold Steel II

Hugo Kleist
Hugo Kleist Note (Sen) Year 1 Class III (Unaffiliated)
Son of the head of Kleist & Co. in Heimdallr. Returned home after the war started to help with the company.
He has been traveling around Erebonia, trying to form a commerce network to unite the businesses of the country.
His desire to make money knows no bounds, and he even sees Trista's liberation as a business opportunity.
Good Cause
Planning to donate all of the proceeds from the flea market to the Empire's post-war recovery through Kleist & Co.

Trails of Cold Steel III

Hugo Kleist Note (Sen III)


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