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I'm a Bracer (オレはブレイサー, ore wa bureisaa) is a book found in Trails in the Sky FC. The book can be found on top of Maggy's desk in Rolent during the prologue of FC.

I'm a bracer.

I live in a small rural town and maintaining peace in the region is what my job is all about.

Today, I received some job requests from a few clients, so I set off for where duty called. My first job was to milk some cows on the farm nearby. The next was to help turn over some fields.

Who was anyone kidding? That kind of job was a cinch when it came to my skill with a pitchfork.

For my last job of the day, I was to baby-sit. At first I thought watching a bunch of kids would be easy. But it turned out that I was wrong, dead wrong.

To my dismay, there were seven whiny kids in the house. Even for a professional like myself, seven kids are a bit much. But I am a Bracer, and I will do my duty.

I got to work and cradled the ones who wouldn't stop crying, changed their messy diapers, broke up fights over toys, and even managed to do a ton of small jobs around my client's house, like washing the laundry, cleaning up, and taking their dog for a walk. Even when I got hungry and felt like I had no more energy to go on, I didn't forget my duty to report to the guild. If I gave up, what a loser I'd be in front of everyone.

After going through all this and arriving at the guild, the other bracers in the office stared at me in amazement.

That's right, you guessed it. I'm famous for being a bracer in this town. Other bracers paying attention to me like this is what I have to deal with everyday. They're probably all just jealous of my superior skills.

Anyway, where were we?

Okay, I remember now.

So I was on my way to report to the receptionist when suddenly somebody grabbed me by the collar from behind. Turning around, I realized that it was someone more scary than any monster alive.

It was my dad.

After thwacking me a good one on the head, he yelled so loud that everyone could hear.

'So you think you can just run off and play bracer everyday, without ever bothering to help your mother out around the house, huh?!'

After that, my dad dragged me all the way home and then lectured me until who knows when.

I didn't do anything wrong either!

Seriously, what the heck?!

I'm a self-appointed bracer.

Today, I'm off again to maintain peace in the region and solve whatever problems need solving at the request of my clients.