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The IBC, short for International Bank of Crossbell (クロスベル国際銀行(こくさいぎんこう)), is a large banking organisation in Crossbell City.


The IBC manages the vast quantities of money flowing into Crossbell and supports the economies of nations across the continent. The IBC's interests extend beyond banking, too. In addition to providing most of the funding for the Epstein Foundation's Orbal Network Project, the bank manages theme parks and other similar diversions.[1]

The IBC is the largest organisation of Zemuria in terms of assets, followed by Reinford Group.[2]

Trails from/to Zero and Azure

The IBC serves as the headquarters of the IBC in Crossbell with Dieter Crois as its CEO. The Special Support Section visit the headquarters on many occasions as part of their duties or when they need to visit Mariabell Crois. They use the terminals on its lowest floor to access the Orbal Network. Dieter offers the SSS shelter behind its fortified gates and walls when the Crossbell Guardian Force, under the influence of Gnosis hunt them down, laying seige to the building in the process. The SSS confront the near-endless waves of the CGf outside the fortified gate before leaving to confront the cult behind everything.

Although the Orchis Tower takes on many important roles with the governance of Crossbell, the IBC continues to be an important building. It is destroyed in the attack on the city by the Red Constellation, who blow it up. Sigmund Orlando is confronted by the SSS outside its gates, but they are too late to stop both him and the jaegars who escape on their new Behemoth Airship.

In 1204 of the Septian Calendar, the International Bank of Crossbell froze all Erebonian assets as part of Crossbell State's declaration of independence from the Empire.

Trails of Cold Steel III and IV

The IBC's headquarters is rebuilt during the states annexation at the hands of the Erebonian empire. It now serves as a hub for the Reinford Group. Other organisations such as the Epstein foundation maintain offices and facilities within the building.


  • Dieter Crois (CEO)
  • Mariabell Crois
  • Bills (security guard, gateman)
  • Colinna (receptionist)
  • Paul (security guard)
  • Wang (security guard)
  • Lanfei (receptionist)


  • Rizero (trader)