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Ilya Platiere (イリア・プラティエ), also written as Platière and known under her alias the Blazing Dancer ((ほう)舞姫(まいひめ)), is a performer with the Arc en Ciel troupe in Crossbell.



Known as the Blazing Dance Girl, Ilya Platiere is a worldwide celebrity for her performances. Many of her fans travel abroad to see her performances, in which she takes great pride. She always enthusiastically strives to push the performances she is involved with to perfection.

Arc en Ciel

Ilya has been friends with Cecile Neues since they were classmates during Sunday School. Through Cecile and threatening letters she received from an anonymous sender, she got in contact with the Special Support Section. Upon receiving the letters, Ilya made it very clear that a threatening or two would not become between her and her love for performing.

On the one hand Ilya's personality is largehearted and fearless, even toward the mafia members in Crossbell City. On the other, she is a caring instructor for her junior performers, Rixia Mao and Sully Atraid, which has earned her the respect of Arc en Ciel's many employees.

Fatally wounded

During the Crossbell City Attack, Ilya fatally wounded herself during the raid of Red Constellation members under auspice of Shirley Orlando. In an attempt to protect Sully, Ilya was caught in under the collapsed stage mechanism. Even with her consciousness fading on the verge of death, she provided Rixia with instructions on how to continue the act. Ilya was rushed toward the St. Ursula Medical College.

Doctors diagnosed that her injuries were so severe that she would never be able to walk again, not to mention performing ever again. Ilya, however, refused to give in to the diagnosis and worked her way to a miraculous recovery. Even while bedridden, she was worried about Rixia's whereabouts and asked Lloyd Bannings to pass on messages to her.

Miraculous recovery

During the Imperial occupation of Crossbell, she performed the Golden Sun, Silver Moon once again alongside Rixia and Sully.

Hajimari no Kiseki

While relaxing following a performance, Ilya received a mysterious bundle that included a strange mask. Believing that the mask was harmless, Ilya chose to wear the mask, which corrupted her, turning her into the Twilight Dancer. This was part of the mastermind's plan, as Ilya still retained her dancing skills, which in turn amplified the mask's corrupting powers, causing anyone who bore witness to her performances to become brainwashed in a manner similar to the Erebonian Curse that had spread across Erebonia and Crossbell in S.1206.

Ilya worked alongside the Supreme Leader, a simulacrum of Rufus Albarea to create a Unifed Crossbell Nation. Her performances brainwashed spectators to blindly support his cause. During the liberation of the city, Rixia cleaved the mask in half, freeing her from the mastermind's influence.


Zero and Ao no Kiseki

Hajimari no Kiseki

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