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Imelda (イメルダ) is the owner of Imelda's Antique shop in Crossbell City.



Imelda is a elderly, portly woman whose distinct features include a beak-like nose and greying-blonde hair tied back into a loose bun by a net. She wears small round spectacles on her nose and large red earrings.

She dresses quite ostentatiously, wearing a bright violet dress with exaggerated white frills and gold clasps. The dress is topped with puffed sleeves, a white cravat pinned by a golden and blue gemmed brooch and a large black fur collar. Imelda also wears Indigo gloves, black tights and violet heeled shoes.

Imelda also carries around a plain walking stick with a metal handle.


Imelda has a forceful and intimidating personality, and she is not afraid to ask for what she desires or dealings with the dark side of society. She is also an avid collector of Joerg Rosenberg's works.

Trails from/to Zero and Azure

Imelda first appears as the owner of a small antiques shop in Crossbell City's Back Alley. She seemingly has connections to all aspects of Crossbellan society and acts a powerful information broker. She owns a block of flats in the Downtown District which she enlists the Special Support Section's help to clear out from invading monsters that had taken roost there. These apartments are later destroyed in the attack on the city by the Red Constellation and Wald Wales.

Imelda is involved in a quest to locate a pair of Rosenberg dolls that are seemingly haunted.

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Imelda reappears in her shop, acting a source of information once again for Juna Crawford and the rest of new Class VII. She is remarkably cognizant of the goings on around Crossbell, including knowing about Lloyd Bannings' intrusion into the Orchis Tower. She claims to be sick of the War and expresses her support for the group going against the Governor General. She doesn't ask for Mira in return for the information she gives, stating she has bets on their success.

Trails into Reverie

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After fleeing from Himmel Cemetery near Heimdallr, C and his group stealthily scout out Crossbell city for information. After a narrow escape from falling to the curse, they are rescued by Renne, who takes them to Imelda's shop as a refuge.

It is revealed that Renne is a frequent customer of Imelda's, as she returns to the shop as sees the group, assuming them to be new customers. She remarks upon Lapis Rosenberg, thinking her as one of Joerg Rosenberg's latest creations, and one with incredible emotive abilities. She offers to buy Lapis but after being declined wanders elsewhere in her shop.

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