Immortal (不死者) refers to an Awakener who has revived, or has been revived, from the death.


The system of Immortalisation ordains that Awakeners are compulsorily kept alive under the influence of the curse until they complete their Rivalry. If an Awakener dies while their Deus-Excellion is also fatally damaged, the Awakener changes into a Nosferatu; an incomplete Immortal. The Deus-Excellion itself will restore itself over time.

Rutger Claussell is the only one among the current group of Awakeners to become an Awakener after his death. When he challenged his arch-rival Baldur Orlando of Red Constellation into their final duel he had already been selected as a potential Awakener by the Gnomes and their preparations. Baldur had also been selected as a potential Awakener and the Gnomes were weighing their options.

When Immortals lose their Rivalry, they are released from their duty and will perish. Their strength and that of their Deus-Excellion will be absorbed by the winner. However, if the winner accepts the loser as their kin, they are given the chance to prolong their lives. For example, Crow Armbrust was defeated by the victorious Rean Schwarzer but spared and lived long enough for the Deus-Excellion to perform their miracles.

List of Immortals


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