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The Imperial Army of Erebonia (エレボニア帝国軍(ていこくぐん)), commonly referred to as the Imperial Army (帝国正規軍(ていこくせいきぐん)), is the national military force of Erebonia.


The Imperial army is under command of emperor Eugent Reise Arnor III and his Imperial government, represented by Giliath Osborne.

The army consists of a large number of state-of-the-art, mechanised tanks, divided into more than 20 military armoured divisions. Currently, the army is developing its air force to further increase its power.

In S.1203, approximately 70% of the Imperial army was under direct command of Chancellor Giliath Osborne and therefore considered the force of the reformist movement.

Members of the military are trained in Hundred-form Military Combat- a style developed from the various martial arts traditions in the empire including both the Vander and Arseid schools.


General Staff Office

The General Staff Office (参謀本部(さんぼうほんぶ)), serves as the backbone of the Imperial army.

Imperial Defence

The Imperial Defence is a newly established division within the Imperial Army, replacing the Imperial Guardsmen of the Provincial Armies, tasked with the protection the Imperial Family and the Valflame Palace.

Intelligence Division

The Intelligence Division is established not long after S.1193 by Giliath Osborne. Prominent members include Captain Lechter Arundel and Millium Orion.

Armored Division

The development of tanks prompted the formation of armored divisions. The Imperial Army boasts a total of 20 armored divisions, with an additional 5 on reserve in preparation for the Great War against Calvard in S.1206. Following the Great War, the military faces a great reorganisation, with many divisions being cut and a growing sense of resentment from some soldiers.

Railway Military Police

The Railway Military Police is an elite division charged with patrolling Erebonia using railways. Led by Majors Claire Rieveldt and Michael Irving.

Heimdallr Military Police

The Heimdallr Military Police is tasked with keeping order within Heimdallr, Erebonia, and keeping its citizens. Their uniform resembles those of the military armored divisions, but are coloured blue rather than purple. Wayne's father is a part of this force.

Air Force

The Air Force (飛行艦隊(ひこうかんたい)), is a recent addition to the Imperial army. As of S.1204, a large number of 150 arge battleships are being built. Its only named member is Helmsman Graft, who expressed his interest in flying the Courageous. Thors Military Academy students Emily and Teresia aspire to join the Imperial Air Force after graduating, eventually ending up in one of its fleets.

Imperial Navy

A fleet of ships is maintained by the Empire. Former organisations like the White Whales, dubbed 'jaegars of the sea' were disbanded and many joined the Imperial navy. These ships took part in maritime assaults against Calvard and Liberl during the Great War.

Imperial Marine Corps