Imperial Chronicle (帝国時報, teikoku jihou) is a newspaper series featured in Trails of Cold Steel.

Imperial Chronicle - Issue 1

[Politics] Annual Budget Announced

The government today held a press conference to reveal its annual budget to the nation. At the same time, new plans to expand the military were announced, including the strengthening of the armored divisions, reaffirming earlier statements made by Chancellor Osborne. 

With the neighboring Calvard Republic continuing to expand its own armed forces, this seems an appropriate reaction, and the duty of a great nation such as ours. (Staff Writer) 

Reactions of the Imperial Diet

Both the House of Representatives and House of Peers met to debate the budget in Heimdallr. The House of Representatives voted unanimously in favor of the budget and military expansion plan, but the House of Peers remained fiercely critical of both proposals throughout the debates. 

'I pray that His Majesty decides in the best interests of this nation.' (House of Peers President) 

However, with His Majesty leaving decisions regarding the budget in the hands of the chancellor, it seems unlikely that it will be overturned.  

Imperial Governor Regnitz Speaks- In response to an Imperial Chronicle reporter outside City Hall, Governor Regnitz had this to say about the budget debate: 

'The proposals have my full approval. Much has been made of the military aspects, but taken as a whole, I feel the budget is remarkably well balanced. It seems apparent to me that His Excellency has a clear vision for how to proceed in modernizing this country.' (Governor Regnitz) 

[Society] The Imperial Transportation Act

It has been a year since the Imperial Transportation Act was enacted in Heimdallr. The law was drafted with the expectation that the number of orbal cars in the city would continue to increase, but how have our dear readers reacted to the bill?

'We have found that the majority seem to be in favor of the new law, though some have argued that giving the cars of commoners regard equal to that of the nobility makes little sense.' (City Hall PR Representative who supported the law)

The Imperial government maintains that the law has been successful in reducing the number of motoring accidents, and aims to eventually introduce it in the rest of the country.

[Culture] Celdic Grand Market

The eastern town of Celdic is best known for the Grand Market, which is held regularly throughout the year. This year's spring market is bustling as usual and has attracted large numbers of tourists and merchants. But what is it that makes the market so lively? 

'Because the town is located on a trade route that has long been vital to this nation,' is the opinion of Otto, the market manager. He believes that Celdic's position as an interchange station, where  passengers can transfer from the Transcontinental Railroad to national lines, makes it easily accessible for visitors from both outside and inside the country. Whatever the reason, the market's popularity is showing no signs of letting up. 

[Spotlight] Welcome to the RF Store!

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Imperial Chronicle - Issue 2

[Politics] The Imperial Provincial Council Meets

The Imperial Provincial Council, made up of the Four Great Houses and other key nobles, met recently in Kreuzen Province's Bareahard City. Reports suggest that the heads of each of the Four Great Houses were in attendance, and that countermeasures against the Reformist Faction were discussed. Provincial Council Representative's Statement: 

'The ones responsible for upholding the nation's traditions and for making this great country what it is today are we nobles. The so-called reformists may think they know how to govern Erebonia, but are they really thinking of the next two hundred or three hundred years? Those who lack self-respect and can only think of practical concerns rather than the heritage and culture of this nation have no business talking about how to run it.' 

[International] Riot in Crossbell?

Reports suggest that a riot took place in the Crossbell State to the east. The mob struck in the middle of the night, firing machine guns on the city's streets. It is believed that the riot was orchestrated by a religious cult, and the Crossbell police are continuing to investigate the matter.

Fortunately, the IBC (International Bank of Crossbell) was unaffected and resumed normal operations the next day. Those associated with the bank can rest easy.

[Economy] Chancellor Osborne Visits Jurai SEZ

Recently, Chancellor Osborne paid an unexpected visit to the western Jurai Special Economic Zone (SEZ), which has continued to show remarkable economic growth in recent years. It is believed that he met with the region's representative to discuss their respective visions for the future. Those present were said to be 'awestruck' by the chancellor's dynamism and political skill.

[Incident] Phantom Thief B Returns to Erebonia?

The infamous criminal, Phantom Thief B, who once sowed chaos across the Erebonian Empire has returned, if reports are to be believed. Does the elusive outlaw intend to cause yet more trouble here in the Empire? Having been outmaneuvered by him on countless occasions in the past, the Heimdallr Military Police aren't taking any chances, and are on increased alert.

[Publicity] A Revolution in Fishing Gear

The Lakelord Company has added a new product to its lineup: the Lakelord Star! This groundbreaking rod was created using a brand new material, making it stronger than ever before. Those interested  should contact their local dealer for availability.

Imperial Chronicle - Issue 3

[Economy] RFTF Opens its Doors to the Public

The Reinford Trade Fair (RFTF) is held biennially, and is an opportunity for the company to showcase its newest products to the world. This year, however, the event has opened its doors to the general public for the first time. As a result, Roer City, where the event will be held, is currently overflowing with tourists

The Latest in Orbal Technology on Show

The Reinford Trade Fair is known as the largest trade fair of orbal goods on Zemuria, showing off the latest in everything from orbal stoves to weaponry. This year, the list of new goods includes an even wider array of innovations for airships, new battle orbments, and even cutting-edge devices known as  orbal washing machines. Reporters from across the  continent are descending on Roer to cover the latest and greatest from the orbal world. 

Chairman Irina Holds Press Conference

At a Reinford Group press conference, Chairman Irina proclaimed that the year to come will be one of great progress for the company. She expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that the company does not yet 'dominate' the continent and declared her intention to seize the initiative in expanding operations even further internationally. 

Her comments are believed to have come as a result of the increasing profitability of the company's 4th Development Division, established by the chairman herself. The cutting-edge research of that division was on full display at the recent Trade Fair. Their latest offerings included orbal network terminals made here in Erebonia, a new kind of battle orbment dubbed 'ARCUS,' and a state-of-the-art, weaponized orbal staff. 

[Culture] The Man of the Moment to Appear in Ordis

This year's Ordis Summer Festival is looking to attract even more attention than usual, as a spokesman for the Imperial family has announced that Prince Olivert will be making an appearance. Known for his refined tastes, his appearance is sure to increase expectations for the event. A source connected to the Imperial family suggests that he may have decided to attend in order to ease tensions between the Reformist and Noble Factions. 

[International] Crossbell Election Result Declared

The mayoral elections in the Crossbell State to the east have come to an end, with Dieter Crois appointed as the state's new mayor. Mayor Crois had previously made a name for himself as the CEO of the IBC (International Bank of Crossbell). He has, however, declared his intention to continue in that role, managing both positions at once. Considering the skill he has displayed in banking, Crossbell's economic future seems promising, indeed. 

[Gourmet Report] Sorciere Restaurant

Situated in Bareahard City, Sorciere looks out onto the city's beautiful central plaza. The restaurant has gained quite a reputation for the exceptional quality of the food served by its head chef and owner, a reputation this reporter found to be well founded after trying the restaurant's Jewel Potage (640 mira). The Kreuzen Province has recently had a significant increase in sales tax, but the owner insists that those measures have not significantly affected the number of customers patronizing his establishment. 

[Spotlight] Riding Club - Nines

The Summer Races are almost upon us. Experience the excitement of horse racing for yourselves! 

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Imperial Chronicle - Issue 4

[Featured Story] The Summer Festival Approaches

The time for Heimdallr's Summer Festival, traditionally held a month later than the festivals in each of the nation's provinces, is almost upon us. A number of different ceremonial events take place at this time of year, but this Summer Festival, Prince Olivert, Crown Prince Cedric, and Princess Alfin will attend, rather than His Majesty the Emperor.

'I can't believe that Princess Alfin will be making an appearance for the first time!' was the excited reaction of one female student who attends an academy in the capital. She ranks the princess as her favorite royal of all. Prince Olivert's intention to take part in the official functions was also met with rejoicing. Their attendance, along with the usual appearance of Crown Prince Cedric, is sure to make this year's festival one to remember.

Who Will Princess Alfin's Partner Be?

Furthermore, Princess Alfin is expected to attend the garden party and partake in dancing on an official occasion for the first time. Considering her popularity, just who she will choose as her dance partner is gathering significant interest. As soon as we find out, we will be sure to print it. 

[International] Armed Clash in the Nord Highlands?

Reports have suggested that an armed clash was narrowly avoided in the Nord Highlands to the north- east of Erebonia. An Imperial Chronicle cameraman happened to be in the area at the time, and notes that tensions were high on both sides. When asked about the matter, a military source noted that 'areas', which the Republic claims ownership of always have the potential for unrest.'

Fortunately, the crisis was successfully averted before it got out of hand. Our source pointed to the trade conference taking place in the Crossbell State next month, and suggested that the Intelligence Division may have played a part in calming the situation

[Culture] Heimdallr Opera House

Opera is an integral part of Erebonian culture, and the epitome of that art is the Heimdallr Opera House, the home of the Azure Diva, Vita Clotilde. Few can witness one of her performances and not be astonished by the beauty of her voice and figure, and her range of expression. So great is her gift that it is said that her song has the power to transport the audience to another world. The Heimdallr Opera House is a place any self-respecting Erebonian should visit at least once, but how far in advance will you have to preorder to get tickets?

'At least two months,' suggests the Opera House's manager.

Alas, for those wishing to see the commemorative performance during the Summer Festival, even preordering is no longer an option as tickets for that have already sold out.

[Gourmet Report] Concert Cafe - Etoile

Etoile is a small yet well-known cafe sitting on a corner of Heimdallr's Alto Street. The experience of sipping one of the shop's fragrant herbal teas while  listening to soothing and elegant melodies is nothing short of bliss. Food is also available, with the store's most popular dish being the heavenly 'Soft & Fluffy Omelet' (280 mira). The harmonious combination of piping hot egg and white rice is exquisite, making this refined establishment well worth a look - and a taste.

[Spotlight] Nostalgic Melodies For You

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Imperial Chronicle - Issue 5

[Special Issue] A Tour of Heimdallr's Summer Festival

The time has finally come for the Summer Festival to begin in Heimdallr. The first day, in particular, is when a large number of traditional ceremonies take place and is sure to attract big crowds. In this special issue, we will be detailing the highlights of the day's festivities. 

The Imperial Family Parade

Doubtless, the most anticipated event of the Summer Festival is the parade. This is one of only a small number of chances in the year to see the Imperial family up close up. Be sure not to miss it. 

Crown Prince Cedric will, as usual, be participating in the mass held at Heimdallr Cathedral. He will be traveling in a red limousine, leaving Vainqueur Street to the west. 

Prince Olivert will be watching the Summer Races take place at Heimdallr Racecourse. He will be traveling in a green limousine, and will likely be heading south along Vainqueur Street. 

Princess Alfin, meanwhile, will be participating in the garden party to be held at Mater Park. She will be turning east on Vainqueur Street, traveling towards the Garnier Area on board a white limousine. We hope that this summary will allow you to better plan your viewing of the parade and its royal hosts. 

The Ambassadors Arrive in Heimdallr

Ambassadors from surrounding nations who will be attending a dinner party at Valflame Palace are currently visiting the capital. Duke Dunan, representing the Liberl Kingdom, and Speaker MacDowell, attending on behalf of the Crossbell State, were seen exchanging greetings with Governor Regnitz. During their visit they are also expected to discuss the fine details of next month's West Zemuria Trade Conference. 

Notice from the Heimdallr Military Police

The first day of the Summer Festival in the city is expected to be particularly chaotic. Please help to keep disorder at a minimum by following the instructions of policemen, and always adhere to traffic regulations. 

[Exclusive] Interview with the RMP

In today's Q&A, we spoke with the officer in charge of the Railway Military Police to discuss their role in the security measures for the Summer Festival this year. 

Reporter: Thank you for taking the time to talk with us. If you don't mind me asking, how did the Railway Military Police come to be assisting with the security for the Summer Festival? 

Captain Claire (hereafter 'Captain'): I assume you are asking that question as you feel the Summer Festival has nothing to do with the railways. Well, if I might respond with another question, where do you think the origin of the railways is? 

Reporter: You mean the center of the railways? Well, I was under the impression that they're manufactured in Roer City, so... 

Captain: The whole of this nation's railway network originates here in Heimdallr. In other words, this very city is the Railway Military Police's center of operations. As such, in the same way that we have a unique right to help ensure security in towns and cities along railway lines, I believe we have a duty to ensure peace here in the capital. 

Reporter: I see. I had been wondering if it was because the Heimdallr Military Police was short of staff. Thank you for taking the time to talk with us. 

[Breaking News] Phantom Thief B Strikes Again!

News has surfaced that a tiara on display at the esteemed San Corries jewelers in Heimdallr, called the Crimson Tiara (estimated value 100,000,000 mira), went missing and was then found. The perpetrator is believed to have been the elusive Phantom Thief B, and though the tiara was safely recovered by the end of the day, all involved were unable to hide their awe at the thief's unfaltering skill. A representative from the Heimdallr Military Police  confirmed the incident, commenting that they 'had not expected anything to occur on the day before the festival' and would be tightening security as a result of the theft. 

Imperial Chronicle - Issue 6

[Breaking News] Terrorist Attack (Follow-Up)

A representative for the Imperial family has spoken regarding the aftermath of the terrorist attack which took place in Heimdallr recently. The spokesman confirmed that Princess Alfin, who was placed in the greatest danger on the day, had sustained no serious injuries and was able to return to school as usual. 

Who are the Imperial Liberation Front?

The recent terrorist attack placed both princes and Princess Alfin in danger, and resulted in Imperial Governor Regnitz sustaining injuries. While it may seem that peace has returned to the streets of Heimdallr, the culprits behind these unspeakable acts, who call themselves the Imperial Liberation Front, have yet to be apprehended. The elite force responsible for their capture, the Railway Military Police, insist that they are doing everything in their power to find them. 

Thanks to Those Who Helped

Chaos might have reigned in Heimdallr on the day of the attack, but that did not stop a number of people from doing their part to bring the situation under control. Each of these courageous souls has received a letter of thanks from the Imperial government. Extra special thanks are due to one young student who took command to restore calm in Dreichels Plaza, and a group of civilians who succeeded in rescuing Princess Alfin from harm's way. These people have received particular appreciation for their deeds. 

[International] Trade Conference Approaches

At the end of this month, the long-awaited West Zemuria Trade Conference will finally commence in Crossbell. Unsurprisingly, those involved are already hard at work for the conference, which will be based around international and economic matters and may potentially determine the future direction and development of Western Zemuria. When asked for comment, a government representative responded, 'An international conference on a continental scale like this has never been attempted before. Naturally, we intend to fulfill our responsibility as a great nation.' The representatives from the Erebonian Empire are expected to be Chancellor Osborne and His Highness Prince Olivert.  

[Culture] Imperial Chronicle Radio is One Year Old!

Do you enjoy listening to orbal radio broadcasts? This reporter certainly does! For those who aren't familiar, orbal radio allows you to enjoy audio programs anytime, anywhere. With the Imperial Chronicle's affiliated radio station, Imperial Chronicle Radio, now one year old, this seems as good a time as any to sell its benefits to the world, and a PR representative was happy to sum up exactly what makes Imperial Chronicle Radio so special. 

'We may not have been the first radio station to be established, but this station is available in the widest area, and conducts the most balanced and impartial broadcasts.' 

[Travel] Lake Ebel

In today's travelogue, I will be visiting beautiful Lake Ebel on the eastern side of the Empire. This stunning spot is an ideal destination for those looking to enjoy a tranquil vacation away from the stresses of daily life. Furthermore, the historic stronghold of St. Sandlot on the opposite shore, Lohengrin Castle, provides the perfect backdrop to a lakeshore stroll. The area is best reached by traveling south from Bareahard along the Ebel Branch Line. 

Imperial Chronicle - Issue 7

[Special Feature] West Zemuria Trade Conference

The West Zemuria Trade Conference has finally commenced. As the first international conference of its kind, it has naturally become the subject of much attention and discussion since its initial announcement. We will be bringing you the latest news from the Crossbell State itself, where the representatives of the various nations attending continue to arrive. 

The Four Nations' Representatives

Each of the attendees is of the highest standing in their respective countries. Representing our nation of Erebonia will be Prince Olivert, on behalf of His Majesty the Emperor, and Chancellor Osborne. The delegate from the Calvard Republic will be head of state President Rocksmith, and the Principality of Remiferia to the north will be represented by Prince Albert. Lastly, Crown Princess Klaudia will be the spokesperson for the Liberl Kingdom to the south. 

The Orchis Tower

The conference will be held in the recently completed skyscraper Orchis Tower. Overtaking the Reinford building in Roer as the continent's tallest building at 40 floors and over 250 arge in height, rumor has it that you can't even see its top from the ground. It's believed that the building will be unveiled during the trade conference's opening ceremony. 

The Conference's Direction

With the heads of the various nations in Western Zemuria gathering in one place for the trade conference, what matters will be discussed? 

A former diplomat offered his opinion: 'It is difficult to predict. The president of the Calvard Republic and head of the Erebonian government coming together for a discussion like this is unprecedented.' 

No matter what topics of discussion come up, the outcome of this conference is sure to determine the direction of international politics for years to come. Specialists in the fields of policy, international relations, and economy will be watching with bated breath. 

[Economy] Tax Increase in Nortia Province

Nortia Province is set to join the provinces of Lamare and Kreuzen in implementing significant tax increases, it appears. The unprecedentedly steep increase has been met with staunch opposition from across the province.     Furthermore, the Reinford Company, which has its corporate headquarters in Roer, the provincial capital, has issued a statement regarding the tax increases for the first time. The company stated that it believes the increases may potentially slow the growth of the Erebonian economy, and has made its opinions known to Marquis Rogner in writing.  

[Spotlight] The Le Sage Boutique

Starting this fall, the head store of boutique chain Le Sage will begin carrying products from the Strega Corporation. If functional yet fashionable sneakers are what you want, come along to Le Sage! 

Imperial Chronicle - Issue 8

[Special Feature] Terror at the Trade Conference

The Imperial government has held a press conference on the terrorist attack that occurred during the West Zemuria Trade Conference in the Crossbell State last month. In it, it was announced that they have submitted a report detailing what occurred to the Imperial household. As we have obtained a copy of the document, we have the  opportunity to shed new light on what transpired. 

Who Were the Terrorists?

The report revealed that the attack was carried out by two separate groups of terrorists. One was a faction of an anti-immigration group which operates in the Calvard Republic, while the other was the Imperial Liberation Front. It appears that the two groups joined forces in an attempt to carry out the assassination of key government figures. 

The Attack's Resolution

The conference was suddenly interrupted by two airships equipped with machine guns. Soon afterwards, terrorists from both groups infiltrated the building and began a dramatic shootout with security forces. 

The man responsible for turning this hopeless situation around was none other than Chancellor Osborne. Not long after the attack began, an elite unit he had dispatched to the scene sprang into action, bringing the crisis to an end and ensuring the safety of the participants, including His Highness Prince Olivert. 

Looking back, it seems clear that the safe  resolution of this attack was entirely due to Chancellor Osborne's exceptional crisis management skills. However, a specialist who saw the security protocols in place described them as 'lacking.' 

Similar criticisms have been raised within the government itself. 

The Aftermath

The revelation that last month's attack was caused in part by the same group responsible for the recent attack in Heimdallr has led the Imperial Army to further raise the alert level and continue to pursue the group's whereabouts with an increased sense of urgency. That the group's members are traitors to their country is beyond question. Anyone with information that may aid in their capture is encouraged to contact the authorities as soon as possible.     Furthermore, rumors have begun to spread that one of Crossbell's heads of state proposed the establishment of Crossbell as an independent state, but these are thought to be baseless and can safely be ignored. 

[Politics] Emergency Council Meeting Called

The Provincial Council has met in Ordis, capital of the Lamare Province. The aim is thought to have been to reaffirm their solidarity in maintaining public order in the face of the recent terrorist attacks. According to an attendee, 'We will fulfill our duty as nobles.' (Member of one of the Four Great Houses) 

[Travel] Ymir, the Hot Springs Paradise

For today's feature, I decided to board a more local line - or, more specifically, a cable car. A journey just short of an hour on the Ymir Funicular Railway took me to the small town of Ymir, nestled in the stunning Eisengard Range. A quick jaunt is all it takes, so why not enjoy a drink while gazing at the spectacular scenery yourself? 

[Culture] Karel Imperial Villa

A simple trip into the suburbs of Heimdallr can often result in unexpected discoveries. Karel Imperial Villa, located to the northwest of the city, is just one of them.  

The villa is said to be the home of both Crown Prince Cedric and Princess Alfin. I asked a member of the security team at what time the limousine to take Princess Alfin to St. Astraia Girls' School leaves in the morning. 

'Her Highness travels to school on a private train,' was the reply. 

It seems the Imperial Villa's security arrangements are as perfect as one would imagine. 

Imperial Chronicle - Issue 9

[Special Feature] The Courageous Takes Flight

Recently, the nation was stunned by the flashy unveiling of the Imperial family's new crimson cruiser, the Courageous. In a stroke of luck, I was blessed with a chance to talk to the man responsible for its creation, His Highness Prince Olivert. 

Reporter: First, congratulations on the Courageous' maiden flight. You really never cease to surprise, Your Highness. 

His Highness Prince Olivert (hereafter 'Prince'): I'm happy you enjoyed it (laughs). After all, part of the funds used to build this ship came from the taxes paid by citizens such as yourself. I was hoping that I could reveal it in a manner that would go some way to repaying all of you for that. 

Reporter: That sounds just like something you would think of, Your Highness. Moving on to the ship itself, the technical specifications are truly spectacular. I can hardly believe that a ship this size is capable of flying at 3,000 SPH! 

Prince: Well, it was designed based on Liberl's high speed cruiser, the Arseille, after all. However, I believe the most important thing about the Courageous is not its speed, or its loading capacity, or any of its other technical specifications. 

Reporter: What do you mean? 

Prince: This airship is the result of the combined efforts of all kinds of different people of different backgrounds and nationalities, and incorporates the technology of Liberl as well as the manpower of the Epstein Foundation to name but two things. It would not have been possible without all of them coming together and working alongside one another. And that, I feel, is why the Courageous' completion should stand as a testament to what can be achieved through working together in harmony and peace with one another. 

As His Highness rightly says, it seems that the importance and potential of this airship cannot be measured purely by its technical specifications. The choice of Viscount Victor S. Arseid, a man famed for his prowess as a martial arts instructor, is yet another example of this. I hope you will join me in looking forward to seeing what the Courageous can achieve in the future, and how much it will live up to its name. (Staff Writer) 

[Incident] Terrorists Still At Large

The Imperial Liberation Front, responsible for abducting Princess Alfin during the Summer Festival and the attack on the trade conference last month, is still on the loose. According to a source close to the investigation, their whereabouts are completely unknown and police are scrambling to locate them. 

'If only the two parties involved in the search, the Railway Military Police and the Nortia Provincial Army, were able to cooperate with one another...' the source laments. 

[Culture] Roer Institute Upping Recruitment

The Roer Institute of Technology, known for its cutting-edge research and development, has announced that it will be increasing the number of students that it allows to enroll this fall. In addition, it also intends to work towards increasing the number of exchange students who study there. 

'We hope to be able to gather even more talent here through these measures,' a PR spokesman explained.  

The institute is currently conducting experiments on the creation of orbal networks, and as a result appears to be seeking engineers with specific experience in that field. 

[Spotlight] Everyday Low Prices

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Imperial Chronicle - Issue 10

[Special Feature] Imperial Liberation Front Defeated!

The Liberation Front's several month long reign of terror is finally over. But just how did the group come to be defeated once and for all? We sent a team of reporters to the Sachsen Iron Mine in the Nortia Province where the group met its end, to investigate. 

The Iron Mine - From Occupation to Release

Continuing a string of unforgivable acts of terrorism, the Imperial Liberation Front successfully seized control of the backbone of the Erebonian economy, the Sachsen Iron Mine. 

'A jet black airship appeared out of nowhere. We just didn't know what to do.' (Miner) 

After the terrorists made a statement announcing their crime, the Nortia Provincial Army rushed to the scene and cordoned it off, prompting the beginning of a lengthy stalemate. 

It was four hours before any further developments  occurred, when, after sending in a separate unit to ensure the safety of the hostages, the Railway Military Police forced their way into the mine.  Furthermore, Prince Olivert rushed to the scene aboard the Courageous, the Imperial family's cruiser, and restored calm to the area. 

'The Railway Military Police worked quickly and skilfully,' noted an army source on the scene. 

The Terrorists' End

The ringleaders of the terrorist group attempted to escape on their airship, but it appears that there were explosives on board, which mistakenly activated during their retreat. The body of their leader, whose identity was previously unknown, was successfully recovered, and the army's Intelligence Division is currently working to ascertain his or her identity. 

Military Academy Students Assist in Operation

Reports suggest that students of Thors Military Academy, who were coincidentally at the scene, assisted in the resolution of the incident. His Majesty the Emperor is said to have extended his gratitude to them for their contribution. 

'The students were at the area conducting a field study, so they were able to act quickly,' said an academy spokesman. 

It seems clear that these students have a very promising future ahead of them, and I hope they will continue to strive for excellence. 

[International] Terrorist Attack in Crossbell

The resolution of the recent chain of terrorist attacks here in Erebonia may have just been brought to a close, but Crossbell to the east has recently fallen victim to yet another large scale terrorist attack. The attack is believed to have been the work of a jaeger corps, and reports suggest that the damage was significant, with fires as far as the eye could see, and the complete destruction of the IBC corporate headquarters. The situation in the city remains chaotic, but hopefully further reports will shed light on the situation. 

'It has only been a month since Crossbell was last attacked by terrorists. Surely this suggests the country's government is performing inadequately?' suggested an army source well acquainted with the situation. 

Furthermore, the Crossbell State has continued to refuse the Imperial Army's offers of assistance, and has been receiving criticism from financial circles, who are seeking a quick resolution to the situation. 

'It has only been a month since Crossbell was last attacked by terrorists. Surely this suggests the country's government is performing inadequately?' suggested an army source well acquainted with the situation. 

Furthermore, Crossbell State has continued to refuse the Imperial Army's offers of assistance, and has been receiving criticism from financial circles, who are seeking a quick resolution to the situation. 

[Culture] Thors Military Academy Festival

It is almost time for the annual festival at Thors Military Academy, situated in the town of Trista on the outskirts of Heimdallr. The academy's festival is well known for its scale and quality, and is enjoyed by countless visitors every year. To further highlight the excellence of the student body, the academy has also recently gained attention for the involvement of some of its pupils in bringing an end to the recent terrorist attacks. Why not take this opportunity to visit and see what Thors Academy has to offer? The festival will be held on the 23rd and 24th of this month. 

Imperial Chronicle - Issue 11

[Breaking News] Garrelia Fortress Annihilated!

On October 24 at 16:21, Garrelia Fortress, the military stronghold on the eastern side of the Erebonian Empire, was obliterated. The cause of this destruction is believed to be an unknown weapon developed by Crossbell, which recently declared independence. 

Damage Report: 

The foundation of the fortress remains, but most of it has been destroyed. Reportedly, the number of survivors is extremely small, making it impossible to ascertain exactly what the cause was. The 5th Armored Division, including its commanding officer Lieutenant General Walter, also fell in the attack, leaving the fate of the soldiers who were part of it unknown. 

Current Situation: 

The 4th, 6th, 9th, and 11th armored divisions have gathered on the Empire's eastern border, and the area to the east of the Twin Dragons Bridge is on high alert. Additionally, the Kreuzen Provincial Army at the Twin Dragons Bridge and Nortia Provincial Army at the Schwarz Drache Barrier have both dispatched battalions and are preparing themselves for whatever may occur. The Transcontinental Railroad has also suspended services indefinitely. 

Demonstrations in Heimdallr: 

The outcry against Crossbell's cowardly behavior has been ongoing. Day after day, angry citizens fill Dreichels Plaza, crying out for a declaration of war. Due to the unrest, uncertainty has spurred an increase in the price of goods in Heimdallr, and those who believe that the current crisis is the result of a conspiracy between Crossbell and the Calvard Republic are increasing in number. 

'Down with Crossbell! Prepare for the threat of  the East!' (Self-Employed Man) 

Please be aware that it remains impossible to use IBC bank accounts at this time. 

An Announcement from His Majesty and the Government: 

His Majesty Emperor Eugent III has issued a statement to the nation, promising a resolution to the current crisis. In response, the Imperial government also declared that they would take firm action to resolve the situation, as well. An important statement would be announced in the coming days, we were told. 

Who could possibly have imagined that any of these recent events would ever occur? And yet our great nation has overcome countless crises in the past. Our ancestors stood strong in the face of adversity, and we, too, must do likewise. Citizens of Erebonia, now is the time to rise up. (Staff Writer) 

[Notice] To Our Readers

We thank all of our readers for their continued patronage. Considering recent circumstances, we foresee the possibility that future issues of this paper may experience delays in release and delivery, and ask for your forgiveness should this prove to be the case. 

Additionally, there are unconfirmed reports of a large bluish-white barrier surrounding Crossbell City. Under the circumstances, it is highly likely that this is the result of a new weapon developed by Crossbell, and we ask all those who live nearby, as well as all who have any contact with the region to be especially careful. 

We can only pray that these events see a swift conclusion and all of us can go back to living in peace. (Editor-in-Chief)