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The Imperial Chronicle (Trails of Cold Steel series) is the run of Imperial Chronicle featured in Trails of Cold Steel. This series of publications is followed by the Imperial Chronicle (Trails of Cold Steel II series) published during Trails of Cold Steel II.


Trails of Cold Steel

Issue Availability Location
Issue 1 Chapter 1: "Unconventional Studies" (4/18) Keynes' Bookstore, Trista
Issue 2 Chapter 2: "The Verdant City" (5/22)
Issue 3 Chapter 3: "Beyond the Railways" (6/15)
Issue 4 Chapter 4: "A Midsummer's Revels" (7/17)
Issue 5 Chapter 4: "A Midsummer's Revels" (7/26) Alterna Bookstore (Plaza Bifrost), Heimdallr
Issue 6 Chapter 5: "Signs and Omens" (8/21) Keynes' Bookstore, Trista
Issue 7 Chapter 5: "Signs and Omens" (8/30) Command Area, Garrelia Fortress
Issue 8 Chapter 6: "Progressive Chaos" (9/18) Keynes' Bookstore, Trista
Issue 9 Chapter 6: "Progressive Chaos" (9/26) Boronia's General Goods, Roer
Issue 10 Final Chapter: "Put to the Test" (10/21) Keynes' Bookstore, Trista
Issue 11 Final Chapter: "Put to the Test" (10/30)