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Issue 2

[Politics] The Imperial Provincial Council Meets

The Imperial Provincial Council, made up of the Four Great Houses and other key nobles, met recently in Kreuzen Province's Bareahard City. Reports suggest that the heads of each of the Four Great Houses were in attendance, and that countermeasures against the Reformist Faction were discussed. Provincial Council Representative's Statement:

'The ones responsible for upholding the nation's traditions and for making this great country what it is today are we nobles. The so-called reformists may think they know how to govern Erebonia, but are they really thinking of the next two hundred or three hundred years? Those who lack self-respect and can only think of practical concerns rather than the heritage and culture of this nation have no business talking about how to run it.'

[International] Riot in Crossbell?

Reports suggest that a riot took place in the Crossbell State to the east. The mob struck in the middle of the night, firing machine guns on the city's streets. It is believed that the riot was orchestrated by a religious cult, and the Crossbell police are continuing to investigate the matter.

Fortunately, the IBC (International Bank of Crossbell) was unaffected and resumed normal operations the next day. Those associated with the bank can rest easy.

[Economy] Chancellor Osborne Visits Jurai SEZ

Recently, Chancellor Osborne paid an unexpected visit to the western Jurai Special Economic Zone (SEZ), which has continued to show remarkable economic growth in recent years. It is believed that he met with the region's representative to discuss their respective visions for the future. Those present were said to be 'awestruck' by the chancellor's dynamism and political skill.

[Incident] Phantom Thief B Returns to Erebonia?

The infamous criminal, Phantom Thief B, who once sowed chaos across the Erebonian Empire has returned, if reports are to be believed. Does the elusive outlaw intend to cause yet more trouble here in the Empire? Having been outmaneuvered by him on countless occasions in the past, the Heimdallr Military Police aren't taking any chances, and are on increased alert.

[Publicity] A Revolution in Fishing Gear

The Lakelord Company has added a new product to its lineup: the Lakelord Star! This groundbreaking rod was created using a brand new material, making it stronger than ever before. Those interested should contact their local dealer for availability.