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Issue 7

[Special Feature] West Zemuria Trade Conference

The West Zemuria Trade Conference has finally commenced. As the first international conference of its kind, it has naturally become the subject of much attention and discussion since its initial announcement. We will be bringing you the latest news from the Crossbell State itself, where the representatives of the various nations attending continue to arrive.

The Four Nations' Representatives

Each of the attendees is of the highest standing in their respective countries. Representing our nation of Erebonia will be Prince Olivert, on behalf of His Majesty the Emperor, and Chancellor Osborne. The delegate from the Calvard Republic will be head of state President Rocksmith, and the Principality of Remiferia to the north will be represented by Prince Albert. Lastly, Crown Princess Klaudia will be the spokesperson for the Liberl Kingdom to the south.

The Orchis Tower

The conference will be held in the recently completed skyscraper Orchis Tower. Overtaking the Reinford building in Roer as the continent's tallest building at 40 floors and over 250 arge in height, rumor has it that you can't even see its top from the ground. It's believed that the building will be unveiled during the trade conference's opening ceremony.

The Conference's Direction

With the heads of the various nations in Western Zemuria gathering in one place for the trade conference, what matters will be discussed?

A former diplomat offered his opinion: 'It is difficult to predict. The president of the Calvard Republic and head of the Erebonian government coming together for a discussion like this is unprecedented.'

No matter what topics of discussion come up, the outcome of this conference is sure to determine the direction of international politics for years to come. Specialists in the fields of policy, international relations, and economy will be watching with bated breath.

[Economy] Tax Increase in Nortia Province

Nortia Province is set to join the provinces of Lamare and Kreuzen in implementing significant tax increases, it appears. The unprecedentedly steep increase has been met with staunch opposition from across the province. Furthermore, the Reinford Company, which has its corporate headquarters in Roer, the provincial capital, has issued a statement regarding the tax increases for the first time. The company stated that it believes the increases may potentially slow the growth of the Erebonian economy, and has made its opinions known to Marquis Rogner in writing.

[Spotlight] The Le Sage Boutique

Starting this fall, the head store of boutique chain Le Sage will begin carrying products from the Strega Corporation. If functional yet fashionable sneakers are what you want, come along to Le Sage!