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Issue 2

[Breaking] Noble Alliance Forces Keep Winning!

The alliance's work to eliminate rebellious elements all over the country is proceeding smoothly. Very smoothly, in fact, with the latest official announcement reporting that sixty percent of the country is now under their control.

◆One Victory After Another◆

I went to interview some of the soldiers on the ground in the western front about the ongoing battles. Standing in their base, it was easy to feel overwhelmed by the sight of countless Soldats and state-of-the-art military airships lined up. I'd heard much about how superior the Noble Alliance forces were to the rebels in terms of the quality and amount of weaponry and vehicles they have, but seeing them all in person, I finally understood that all I'd heard was completely true.

The commanding officer I spoke to had inspiring words about the war itself as well. 'The armored divisions of the former Imperial Army may have been elite, but they no longer have a good cause to fight for. Now they're simply a disorganized rabble.'

Furthermore, the beloved General Aurelia Le Guin and Brigadier General Wallace Bardias are both heroically fighting on the front lines with their armies at their side. Needless to say, morale is astonishingly high.

'We, however, DO have a good cause to fight for... and because of that,' the commanding officer continued, there is absolutely no chance we will be defeated.'

◆Predictions for the Future◆

The alliance forces seem to have every intention of following through on their mission to wipe out the rebels.

With most of their numbers already defeated, the former Imperial Army soldiers remaining have spread throughout the land and in many areas are working with other rebels to worsen public order. I think I speak for everyone in saying that the complete elimination of such soldiers can't come soon enough.

[Society] Former Governor Regnitz Formally Arrested

The former Imperial governor of Heimdallr, Carl Regnitz, had already been apprehended on suspicion of treason, but he has now been arrested as a result of increasing evidence proving his guilt. His arrest means that now over 40 members of the Imperial government have been placed under arrest on charges of treason.

Even the person leading the investigation was unable to hide his surprise at just how many rebels had been participating in government affairs unnoticed all this time.

With more and more members of the Reformist Faction being found to be guilty of similar charges, we wouldn't be surprised if he had plenty more to arrest in the days to come.

[Incident] Beware Deception and Demonstrations

The army's press office has words of caution in light of the alarming number of demonstrations and false reports spreading across the Empire of late. In their latest statement, they warned, 'Supporting the former Imperial Army or sympathizing with their actions both constitute as treason. The best thing to do for now is ignore such degenerates.'

We sincerely trust that all of our readers will take heed of this advice and not pay attention to groundless rumors.

[Information] Train and Air Travel Update

Rail and air travel have gradually begun to resume as a result of the Noble Alliance's actions. However, the number of trains and airships in operation remain limited, and major inspections are being conducted at key stations in the interests of security. Passengers wishing to travel should expect delays. There is always the possibility that public transport will be halted again depending on future developments.

Citizens who have peerages will have priority when purchasing tickets, allowing them to travel more easily.

We're certain members of the nobility will enjoy making use of this well-deserved service.