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The Imperial Liberation Front (ILF, 帝国解放戦線(ていこくかいほうせんせん)) was an (imperial) restoration terrorist group active in Erebonia aiming to undermine the administration of Chancellor Giliath Osborne. They served as the main antagonists of Trails of Cold Steel.


The Imperial Liberation Front was founded late S.1190s by Crow Armbrust, who blamed Chancellor Giliath Osborne and his expansionist policies for the death of his grandfather, his last living relative, and the deterioration of his hometown, Jurai in West Erebonia.


Although Crow was convinced that the Chancellor was not inherently evil, he could not separate his methods from the problems prevalent in Erebonia. Crow diligently studied Erebonia's problems and sought ways to put the situation into his advantage. Crow recruited like-minded members; Vulcan, who had lost his jaeger corps Arngarmr after being hired by Rufus Albarea to kill Osborne, Scarlet, who lost her family due to Osborne's policies, and Michael Gideon, a former academic who wrote books criticising Osborne and the direction he was taking the country.

The Imperial Liberation Front was ultimately founded with financial support of Duke Cayenne, leader of the Four Great Houses who saw Osborne as a threat to his power. Their main goal was to restore the government to previous (unspecified) situation without the expansionist policies of Osborne, whom they perceived as a dictator.

Trails of Cold Steel

ILF group shot

The ILF made their first appearance in the events of Trails of Cold Steel as a mysterious organization that sought to overthrow Osborne's government. Michael was the first to encounter Class VII during his mission in the Nord Highlands, and the class would quickly prove to be a nuisance for the group.

During the Heimdallr Summer Festival, the ILF kidnapped Alfin Reise Arnor and Elise Schwarzer in an attempt to use them as bargaining chips with the government, but were stalled by Class VII, so they released the two, but not before informing them of their organization's name.

ILF aircraft

They wouldn't make an appearance again until the West Zemuria Trade Conference, where Michael led a suicidal attack on the conference after his flute had been destroyed during the Heimdallr incident. Vulcan and Scarlet used the diversion to attack Garrelia Fortress to seize the two railway guns and fire them at the conference as Osborne was there, but were foiled once again by Class VII.

After the failed attack, the group seized the Sachsen Iron Mine, where Crow, disguised as C, faked his death in order to throw the Intelligence Agency and the Railway Military Police off his trail.

During the school festival, Crow made his way to Heimdallr and sniped Osborne through the chest, starting the October War, and apparently fulfilling the goals of the organization.

Trails to Azure

The ILF technically make their first appearance in this game, but the events happen concurrently with those of Trails of Cold Steel. At the West Zemuria Trade Conference held in Crossbell's Orchis Tower, The ILF and the Anti-immigration terrorists from Calvard launch a joint offensive on the tower. They are repelled by both the defenders of the tower, SSS and the Red Constellation, who mercilessly gun them down in the area beneath the tower with Gideon killed with them, leaving only one survivor.

Trails of Cold Steel II

With their purpose gone, the Imperial Liberation Front appeared to have disbanded. Vulcan committed suicide while fighting Rean's Valimar at the Schwarz Drache Barrier; Scarlet attempted the same, but Rean refused to let her die and saved her. Crow continued working for the Noble Alliance, but took a fatal blow while fighting off the Vermillion Apocalypse with Rean and Valimar. Osborne revealed himself to be alive following Crow's death, revealing that his attempt to kill him failed, and that the incident essentially allowed Osborne to create a dictatorship that they were trying to avoid.

Trails of Cold Steel IV

The ILF has long disbanded, but Crow visits relatives and sites related to his former comrades are part of his 'last business'. This includes visiting Gideon's grandmother.