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The Imperial Liberation Front (ILF, 帝国解放戦線(ていこくかいほうせんせん)) was an (imperial) restoration terrorist group active in Erebonia aiming to undermine the administration of Chancellor Giliath Osborne.

Their main goal was to restore the government to previous (unspecified) situation without the expansionist policies of Osborne, whom they perceived as a dictator.


The Imperial Liberation Front was founded late S.1190s by Crow Armbrust, who blamed Chancellor Giliath Osborne and his expansionist policies for the death of his grandfather, his last living relative, and the deterioration of his hometown, Jurai in West Erebonia.


Although Crow was convinced that the Chancellor was not inherently evil, he could not separate his methods from the problems prevalent in Erebonia. Crow diligently studied Erebonia's problems and sought ways to put the situation into his advantage.

The Imperial Liberation Front was ultimately founded with financial support of Duke Cayenne, leader of the Four Great Houses who saw Giliath Osborne as a liability for his power.


With the assassination of Giliath Osborne and outbreak of the Erebonian Civil War on October 30, S.1204, the Imperial Liberation Front achieved their goal.

Having lost their purpose in life, member Vulcan committed suicide during the defense of the Schwarz Drache Barrier and member Scarlet attempted the same while defending the Aurochs Fort, only to be saved by Valimar pilot Rean Schwarzer. She was temporarily taken into custody at the Albarea mansion in Bareahard.

ILF leader Crow suffered a mortal wound when the Vermillion Apocalypse went berserk during the Phantasmal Blaze Plan conclusion in the Infernal Castle. Before he passed away, he joked that his wound is at the very same spot he had shot Chancellor Osborne. Immediately after his death, Chancellor Osborne showed up, revealing himself to be alive, to give new instructions to his group of Ironbloods.

Ironically, the Imperial Liberation Front not only failed in their mission to assassinate the chancellor, but their actions indirectly led to him gaining complete control of the Imperial government.


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