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Imperial Museum (帝國博物館) is the largest museum in Erebonia. It is situated in Heimdallr's Leica District, also known as the academic district. Head of the museum is Ravan. Curators at the museum are Rilke and Thors alumna Dorothee.



In this first exhibition room, you will find our permanent exhibition.
 Starting with the ancient Zemurian civilisation, which still hold many secrets to this day, there are many valuable objects ranging from the Dark Ages that followed after the Great Collapse that occured 1200 years ago to the Middle Ages into the Modern Era.
 "Stars & the Ancient Civilisation" is our temporary exhibition.
 Tickets can be bought at the counter before proceeding into the second exhibition room on the right.


Age unknown

Animism Monuments - Imperial Museum (Sen III)

Trails of Cold Steel III, Chapter 4: "Radiant Heimdallr"

Animism monuments
Age: Unknown
 In Erebonia there exists an indigenous belief apart from the Septian Church and this monument represents that animism of our empire.
 Numerous traditions have been passed down through the ages, such as "The Spirit of Lake Elba" in Legram, and objects related to these traditions have been excavated.


Stone Quarry Statue - Imperial Museum (Sen III)

Trails of Cold Steel III, Chapter 4: "Radiant Heimdallr"

Ancient Quarry statue
Age: Unknown
 A stone statue discovered in the Ancient Quarry of Nord Highlands. As a form of animism, it has been around since before ancient times.


Dark Ages

Septian Church - Imperial Museum (Sen III)

Trails of Cold Steel III, Chapter 4: "Radiant Heimdallr"

Septian Church relief
Era: Septian Calendar 1-500
 The Septian Church holds the grail as their crest. The church itself is over a 1000 years old. One may worry about its relation to the ancient Zemuria civilisation that was destroyed 1200 years ago, but any connection has yet to be proven.


Dark Ages Structure - Imperial Museum (Sen III)

Trails of Cold Steel III, Chapter 4: "Radiant Heimdallr"

Structure from the Dark Ages
Age: Septian Calendar 0-300
 Structure which is thought to have been built 900 years ago. It makes use of a style different from the present age, ruins that could tell us more are almost non-existent. Through oral tradition it is passed down that the imperial capital during this timeframe was hit by a disaster and suggest the likelihood of a so-called Dark Dragon as its cause. The truth remains unknown, however.
 The cityscape as we know it was built from the Middle Ages onward.


Star Bell - Imperial Museum (Sen III)

Trails of Cold Steel III, Chapter 4: "Radiant Heimdallr"

Star Bell[Note 1]
Age: Septian Calendar 300
 Discovered in the Stargazer's Tower in Crossbell Province, which was built by the old alchemists during the Dark Ages.
The bell itself is believed to be older, from before ancient times. As a proof of ever-lasting friendship, the bell was brought to this museum.
 It is the same size as the so-called Sun Bell in Crossbell City's Central Plaza.


Septian Church - Imperial Museum (Sen III)

Trails of Cold Steel III, Chapter 4: "Radiant Heimdallr"

Church Rituals Items & Testaments
Age: Septian Calendar 500 onward
 As the most widespread belief, the Septian Church established throughout the continent at the end of the Dark Ages.
 Guiding the populace through the chaos that followed from the Great Collapse, they were the ones to restore order in the world and even now they serve as the pillar the spirits of people rely on.


Middle Ages

Machinery - Imperial Museum (Sen III)

Trails of Cold Steel III, Chapter 4: "Radiant Heimdallr"

Boat from the Middle Ages
Era: Septian Calendar 600
 Early Middle Ages. To gain access to resources in the deep sea, shipbuilding technology developed in a competitive manner. Even in its current damaged state, it still serves as a memento packed with the dreams of sailors of those days.


Loom and water wheel from the Middle Ages
Era: Septian Calendar 900 onward
 Late Middle Ages. Although it still involved manual labour, productivity took a leap forward thanks to the development of devices that would mechanically automate works.


Cauldron - Imperial Museum (Sen III)

Trails of Cold Steel III, Chapter 4: "Radiant Heimdallr"

Modern smithing
Era: Septian Calendar 1140
 Now known as one of the world's largest manufacturers, the Reinford Company originally started as a workshop in the Middle Ages, responsible for weapony such as explosives and guns. This is a cauldron used back then.
 This offers a glimpse in the ancient history of a military state.


Modern Age

Train - Imperial Museum (Sen III)

Trails of Cold Steel III, Chapter 4: "Radiant Heimdallr"

Early orbal-driven passenger train
Era: Septian Calendar 1170
 The steam-powered trains from before the Orbal Revolution 50 years ago were replaced in the second half of the 1170s by its orbal-powered successors through the efforts of the Reinford Company and the technical expertise of Professor G. Schmidt. Needless to say the developments that followed brought enormous benefits to our lives.
Scale: 1/4


Imperial aircraft & airliner[Note 2]
 After its creation in the Liberl Kingdom, development has actively continued in Erebonia. Displayed here are the models of the Courageous, a transit commuter airship and the Pantagruel.
The high-speed cruiser Courageous, owned by the imperial family, is equipped with the new engines provided by Liberl following the Non-Aggression Pact of S.1202. Its activity was restricted through the imperial government's intent, but it was recently used for a field trip of Thors Military Academy.
 The Pantagruel was confiscated from the Lamarre Provincial Army after the civil war and is now active as the imperial family's warship.



  1. Available in Trails of Cold Steel III, Chapter 4: "Radiant Heimdallr" until 7/16. Bell is removed after its activation on 7/16.
    Star Bell Activated - Imperial Museum (Sen III)

    Trails of Cold Steel III, Chapter 4: "Radiant Heimdallr"

  2. Available after Trails of Cold Steel III, Finale: "For Whom the Bell Tolls", 7/16.
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