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Infinity Corridor (真・夢幻回廊, literally "True Reverie Corridor") is a dungeon that can be freely accessed in Trails into Reverie.


Like the Reverie Corridor, the Infinity Corridor is a vast dungeon situated in an extradimensional space and consists of multiple floors. Without the restrictions and perspectives of the three story routes, players can form parties from characters across all routes. Characters who not meet in the story routes may have unique conversations within the Infinite Corridor.

Players can acquire sealing stones by defeating formidable Guardian Beasts. Sealing stones come in multiple variations: some unlock characters or episodes, others unlock mini-games or a random assortment of items, quartz, accessoiries or costumes.

List of locations

Garden of Beginning

  • Release Pedestal
  • Celestial Tree
  • Door of Trials
  • Slate of Recollections
  • Black Phantasmal Mirror