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Intelligence Division (帝国軍情報局(ていこくぐんじょうほうきょく)) is the military intelligence branch of the Imperial Army of Erebonia from at least S.1193 onward.


The Intelligence Division was established by Chancellor Giliath Osborne.

Trails in the Sky the 3rd

Lechter Arundel is revealed to have left Jenis Royal Academy and taken a position with the Imperial Intelligence Division.

Trails from/to Zero and Azure

Lechter is active in Crossbell as an agent of the Intelligence Division, covertly finding out information pertaining to the events transpiring there.

Trails of Cold Steel I, II, III, and IV

Lechter infrequently appears for the first half of the arc, seeing as he is conducting his operation in Crossbell. Millium Orion is revealed to be an agent of the Division, and has been investigating the forces of the Four Great Houses, anticipating conflict is on the horizon. She breaks out of Aurochs Fort in her first appearance, and is not met by Class VII until their field study in the Nord Highlands. Millium frequently reveals confidential information about the Division, but remains tight lipped in certain areas.

After S.1204 they recently included Altina Orion within their ranks while also providing assignments to Rean Schwarzer during his time as a provisional military officer following the occupation of Crossbell. Lechter himself delivers the special orders to Rean. The Division itself is much more active, working towards uncovering Calvardian plots and furthering the chancellor's aims. They uncover the existence of Calvardian agents active in the capital and are part of joint efforts to uncover them.

Following the start of the Great Twilight, the Division is used to help locate insubordinate elements, including Class VII. They work behind the scenes up to and at the start of the Great War. Following the conclusion, Altina leaves the Division for good.

Trails into Reverie

The internal structure and headquarters of the Intelligence are revealed, with them being one of the organisations sorting out the aftermath of the Great War and the massive amount of reparation payments that need to be made. The Intelligence Division is part of the large-scale demilitarisation efforts and reorganisation that has been going on for half a year. Effective use of secret Intelligence is said by a member of the staff to be the only thing keeping the country afloat, but that also their actions are severely curtailed by bureaucracy and paperwork.

The leadership and staff are incredibly frustrated with Lechter, who, due to his position as an Ironblood and proximity to the Chancellor, they direct a large portion of the blame upon. Lechter is scorned by his colleagues but he doesn't let it get to him as he works to atone for his actions, coming into conflict with the Intelligence agents from Calvard and foiling an assassination attempt on him by a double agent. He then carries on his way to the re-independence ceremony in Crossbell.

Lechter reveals he has been working on a semi-replacement for the Intelligence Division that is less burdened by Bureaucracy for the last three months. A friend of his transferred to it. This 'Reformed' version was a plan by Lechter to increase their publicity, but Director Simon warns him that the old one is still around and he must still do the forms.


  • Simon - Bureau Director
  • Lechter Arundel - Major
  • Hubert- major (in truth, Calvardian double agent for CID) (formerly)
  • Altina Orion- Agent (formerly)
  • Millium Orion- Agent
  • Reins- member of Lechter's "Reformed Division"
  • Klein- Agent & Subordinate of Lechter
  • Numerous other unnamed agents