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Irina Reinford (イリーナ・ラインフォルト) is the current chairman of the Reinford Group.


After the death of her husband Franz Reinford in S.1196, Irina dedicated her life to her family's company, the Reinford Group, in order to make it as successful as possible. Irina met Sharon Kreuger (then known as 'Kreuger the Severing Chains') through the latter's failed Ouroboros mission to make contact with Franz. Irina found Sharon and decided to help the girl. She named her 'Sharon' and offered her a job as a maid of the Reinford family to look after her daughter, Alisa, and the housework the following years.

In order to push the growth of the company to its limits, she crossed the boundaries of morality and ventured into the production of weapons of mass production. She forced her father, then-chairman Gwyn Reinford, to resign. She officially succeeded him in S.1199. She then continued to built on her father's legacy by introducing a new self-supporting accounting system of the four divisions of the company to make them even more profitable.

Over the course of the Erebonian Civil War the tension between Irina and her daughter gradually softened. One and a half year later, however, things were turned upside down for the Reinford when her husband Franz Reinford revealed himself to be very well alive under the guise of 'Black Alberich', head of the Black Workshop. That same day, Irina's maid Sharon Kreuger resumed her duties as one of Ouroboros' Enforcers and dismissed the name of 'Sharon' once given to her by Irina.


Trails of Cold Steel I and II

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Trails of Cold Steel III

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Trails of Cold Steel IV

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