Blood and Iron & the Children - Key Visual (Sen III)

The Ironbloods (鉄血の子供たち(アイアンブリード)), literally "Children of Blood and Iron", is a group of personal assistants each selected by Chancellor Giliath Osborne himself.


The Ironbloods were first mentioned by Ironblood Lechter Arundel in Trails in the Sky the 3rd, Star Door 8: "Return to the Empire".

Knights of Ironblood

In their position to defend the mobile fortress Tuatha De Danann, the group is collectively known as the Knights of Ironblood (鉄血の騎士) in Trails of Cold Steel IV, Final Curtain: " Flower Petals at Blaze's End".
Iron Knights (Sen IV)

The Iron Knights overlooking Tuatha De Danann (Trails of Cold Steel IV)

Following the downfall of their leader. Rufus is arrested for conspiring with World War instigator Giliath Osborne; Lechter and Claire as the respective leaders of the Intelligence Division and RMP avoid prison sentence by assisting in settling the aftermath of the war; Cedric Reise Arnor joins Ouroboros.

Millium Orion was subliminated within the Originator Zero while the Knights were operational and therefore never served the group.

List of Ironbloods


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