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The Ironbloods (鉄血の子供たち(アイアンブリード)), literally "Children of Blood and Iron", are an elite unit of operatives handpicked by Erebonian Chancellor Giliath Osborne himself. All of the Ironbloods revere Osborne (analogous to the reverence Anguis of Ouroboros have for their Grandmaster), and are some his most competent and devout followers.

List of Ironbloods


The Ironbloods were first mentioned by Lechter, the first one to appear onscreen (and the only one to appear prior to Trails of Cold Steel) in Trails in the Sky the 3rd, Star Door 8: "Return to the Empire".

Rufus was the first member to join. On behalf of his father, Rufus hired the Arngarmr jaeger corps to attack Osborne, who was a rising figure in the commoner movement. Osborne survived the attack, leaving Vulcan as its only survivor, and not only traced the attack back to Rufus' father, but in fact deduced that it was Rufus himself who ordered the assault. Rufus did not particularly desire Osborne's death; it was simply a test of his competence, and Osborne deduced this. Impressed by his competence, and possessing a pre-existing disapproval for the nobility, Rufus agreed to become the first member of the Ironbloods in secret.

The next member to join was Claire Rieveldt. Osborne impressed her during a time of internal dispute within her family by noting her cognitive powers and encouraging her to bring her corrupt uncle to justice. She successfully did so, but this led to her uncle being executed and her being isolated from the family. Osborne inspired Claire to attend Thors Military Academy, and she later became the second Ironblood and also became the Captain of the Railway Military Police.

The third member to join was Lechter Arundel. Lechter's father was guilty of instigating a terrible event, and Osborne was ultimately the one responsible for bringing him to justice. However, Osborne was comforting to Lechter, granting him the letters his father wrote before his crimes, and invited him into his organization to give him the choice of what he would do with his life. He agreed, and joined as the third Ironblood.

The fourth and final member to join was Millium Orion. In S.1199, the Black Workshop created her as a homunculus - an artifical human, though she could still develop her own emotions. Alongside her combat shell, Airgetlam, she worked for the Intelligence Division. In the Gral of Erebos, her soul was sublimated into the Originator Zero sword, and thus she could not help the group any longer.

Knights of Ironblood

In their position to defend the mobile fortress Tuatha De Danann, the group is collectively known as the Knights of Ironblood (鉄血の騎士) in Trails of Cold Steel IV, Finale: "Scattered Petals, Dying Flames". The group also includes a new member - Cedric Reise Arnor (who had been interested in joining the group in the previous game).

The Iron Knights overlooking Tuatha De Danann (Trails of Cold Steel IV)

After Osborne's downfall

Rufus is arrested for conspiring with him to instigate the World War.

Lechter and Claire, as the respective leaders of the Intelligence Division and RMP, avoid prison sentences by assisting in helping to stablizie Erebonia in the aftermath of the war. Rufus' surrender helps enable this.

Millium Orion's soul is restored into a backup body.

Cedric Reise Arnor disappears, rumored to have joined Ouroboros.


Trails of Cold Steel I, II, III, and IV

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