The emblems for the Red Constellation and Zephyr, the two largest jaegar corps in Zemuria.


Jaegers (猟兵) are the elite among mercenaries in Zemuria and being acknowledged as one is a recognition of high skill and experience. They most often form groups known as a jaeger corps (猟兵団), of which many of exist, each with their own specialities, histories and sometimes rivalries. Many jaegers make use of specialized equipment and are among the most dangerous individuals on the continent.

Due to their willingness to take on morally grey contracts, jaegers are controversial and the legality of hiring them varies by country. Jaegers are rivals to the Bracer Guild whose humanitarianism and prioritization of civilian protection puts them at odds with jaegars. Thus some continents like Liberl outlaw jaegers within their borders and hiring them declared illegal.

Jaegers are known to fight with autonomous machinery resembling Archaisms and employ military monsters in battle. They are also commonly seen with S-rank weapons, characterised by their large size, multi-functional weaponry and destructive potential. The Black Workshop is known to have been one organisation that supplied jaegar corps with such weaponry around the continent.

Known jaeger corps and members

Name Emblem Leader Members Description
unknown Vulcan (deceased)
  • Various unnamed members
A small jaegar corps active in Erebonia hired by a noble to oppose Giliath Osborne but wiped out in the attempt, leaving only its leader, Vuclan, alive.
バグベアー (disbanded)
n/a unknown
  • Various unnamed members
A 'jaegar dropout' group trying to establish a name for themselves by picking on easy targets.
ジェスター猟兵団 (disbanded)
n/a unknown A small team that primarily operated from a small, autonomous state on the outskirts of Erebonia in the past. Resurfaced under Ouroboros during the Liberl Crisis.
Kurgha Emblem (Kuro).png
unknown a high-ranking jaegar corps operating in Calvard.
Nidhoggr - Crest (Sen III).png
'Sir' (卿)
  • Nacht Weiss (former)
  • Aili Adler
  • Aika (deceased)
  • Hugo (deceased)
  • Klein (deceased)
  • Jan (deceased)
  • Gastea (deceased)
  • Various unnamed members
A jaegar corp of sizeable reputation active across Zemuria. Divided into smaller regimentals named after various body parts.
Northern jaegars
北の猟兵 (disbanded)
North Ambria - Crest (Sen III).png
Colonel Valestein (deceased) Soldiers from the principality of North Ambria that turned to mercenary work following the poverty and destruction caused by the Salt Pale.
Red Constellation
Red Constellation.png
Sigmund Orlando One of the largest jaegar corps on the continent, founded in the dark ages by a clan of berzerkers. Traditionally led by the Orlando Family.
Zephyr (Emblem).png
Rutger Claussell (deceased) The other strongest jaegar corp on the continent, founded and centered around Rutger. Currently led by Leonidas and Xeno following Rutger's death.
Enhanced jaegars of Ouroboros
Ouroboros Logo (SC).png
unknown, if any Formed after the Gospel Plan's conclusion, a corps of enhanced individuals serving Ouroboros's needs.



  • The term Jaeger (modern spelling: Jäger) is German and means "hunter".
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