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Old Lady Jedah (ジェダ婆様) is a senior figure of the Nomadic Settlement.



Old Lady Jedah is a short elderly woman with greying hair. She is dressed in traditional Nord attire including a woollen dress, deep blue coat and several braids and wraps. She also has a head piece which extends to her shoulders.


Old Lady Jedah is an experienced and wizened individual who does not wish to see the younger generations struggling with war. She is an extremely kind and thankful person, wishing others well in their efforts. She cautions others about letting anger and impatience cloud their judgment.

Jedah is one of the few characters that can feel a disturbance in the wind.The wind tells her of all the negative emotions currently spiralling around the land including Anger, sadness and distrust.

Trails of Cold Steel I and II

Old Lady Jedah is present in the Nomadic Settlement. She is one of the individuals who creates a task for Class VII to complete as part of their field studies in the Nord Highlands. Jedah's task is to help her instruct some of the younger Nord children as part of her classes, as they do not often have the chance to get visitors from such diverse backgrounds. Impressed by Class VII's efforts, she thanks them and gives them an extra reward. Jedah also imparts some knowledge to the class of the Nord beliefs in the spirits inhabiting the land.

During the October War, Jedah teaches Class VII her recipe for Nord Milk Tea and imparts more of her knowledge surrounding the history of the Empire. In particular this includes knowledge about the Cryptid the group faced and how they appear in turning points of the Empire's history.