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Jenis Royal Academy (ジェニス王立学園) is private a school that operates from the Ruan.

It is situated 252 selge east to the City of Ruan and 312 selge west of Manoria Village.


Jenis Royal Academy was established centuries before the start of the series in what is now known as the Old Schoolhouse. The new and current campus was built in front of the old schoolhouse and has been in use since approximately S.1182.

It is reputed to have a strict entrance examination process. The school hosts an annual festival each year with the proceeds going to charity.

Famous alumni include Crown Princess Klaudia von Auslese and City of Bose Mayor Maybelle.

Trails in the Sky FC, SC, and the 3rd

Jenis Royal Academy serves as the setting for multiple key events in the Sky arc. It is first introduced as the educational setting of Kloe Rinz, who brings Estelle and Joshua Bright there to help take roles in the school play, the Madrigal of the White Magnolia during the school festival.

Later, Estelle and her group identify the Academy, specifically the Old Schoolhouse as the source of many mysterious ghost sightings around the Ruan region. After exploring unknown ruins beneath it, they confront Bleublanc and an ancient archaism- the Storm Bringer. Later, the academy is attacked by Gilbert Stein and the Jester jaegar corps of Ouroboros in his desire to take the princess hostage. he is unsuccessful and the bracer guild liberates the campus.

Later in Phantasma, more of Kloe's early school days are revealed and her interactions with the school council shown. A copy of the campus, dubbed the 'Monochrome Schoolhouse' appears in the Sixth Plane, where colour must be restored in order to progress by defeating suits of armour.

Education Structure

Jenis Royal Academy has 3 main courses of study: Natural Sciences, Social Studies and Physical Education.

Points of Interest 

  • Main Building - Where all of the classes are held. The Staff Faculty room and the Dean's Office is also located there.
  • Clubhouse - Annex on the right side of the main building. Contains the Student Council Room, a cafe, locker rooms and a archive room.
  • Auditorium - Annex on the left side of the main building. In the auditorium, the students perform a play during the annual school festival.
  • Boys Dormitory - The place where the male students sleep, supervised by Mister Effort.
  • Girls Dormitory - The place where the female students sleep, supervised by Miss Wiola.
  • Old Schoolhouse - The former main building of Jenis Royal Academy, which is not currently in use.

Staff and Classes


Current Students


Natural Sciences

Physical Education

Social Studies

Former students