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Jingo (ジンゴ) is the shopkeeper of the Neinvalli branch in Leeves, Erebonia.



Jingo is a young girl with long bright scarlet hair and orange eyes. Her hair is worn tied back kept under a bandana with sunglasses. She wears a violet crop top over a black waist, fur lined shorts and a green jacket, as well as tall laced brown boots.


Jingo takes after her mother; a foul, brazen, no-nonsense attitude when it comes to people coming to her shop. Despite her young age, Jingo is a proficient saleswoman and takes on multiple avenues of business in order to accumulate mira.

She is assisted by her puppy Cerberus (ケルベロス), who she holds in high regard. She trains him to become the best hunting dog so that he can do anything in a pinch, including having him maintain the store when she's busy or even pilot an airship.

Outside of her shop duties, Jingo is a fan of Mishy.

Trails from/to Zero and Azure

Jingo is the daughter of Ashleigh, who runs the Neinvalli store in Crossbell (which was originally situated in the Downtown District, but moved to East Street following the imperial occupation). She helps in the shop outside her mother.

Trails of Cold Steel III and IV

In S.1206, the 12-year-old Jingo opens her own branch on Neinvalli in the silent town of Leeves. Her store becomes a favorite spot for Thors Branch Campus students and staff for reliable weapons and information.

During the Great Twilight, Jingo is forced to temporarily shutter her Leeves branch, but eventually opens one in Eryn for the time being. She assists Class VII in their operations.

Trails into Reverie

Upon hearing that the Bobcat was on sale, Jingo attempted to buy the famed airship, but was refused by Josette, who instead sold it to Wilhelm Ballad. Jingo was eventually acquire the Bobcat from Tio after Wilhelm abandoned the "cursed" airship outside the Epstein Foundation, giving Tio a rare golden Mishy plushie statue for it.

Sometime after acquiring the Bobcat, Jingo began using the airship to go down another avenue of business with the airship. The first customer she had was "C", who was actually Rufus in disguise. She did not appear to show any concern with who her customers were, as long as they were able to pay for her services.

Character Notes

Trails of Cold Steel III

Jingo Note (Sen III).png
Neinvalli Exchange
Tiny owner of Neinvalli with a surprisingly foul mouth. Suddenly opened a store in Leeves just this spring.
Trains Cerberus every day to make him the best hound dog. Even has him run the store sometimes...
Down to Business
Visited Heimdallr for a business deal. Even though she's young, she's very clever and capable.

Jingo Note (Sen III).png

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Jingo Note (Sen III).png
Neinvalli Exchange
Tiny owner of Neinvalli with a surprisingly foul mouth. Had to close her shop in Leeves, but it's only a setback for her.
Eryn Branch
Jingo got Roselia's blessing to open a new shop in Eryn Village, but it seems like this is just one part of a much larger plan...
Paying Dividends
Jingo finally returned home to Crossbell. Her travels have taught her there's more to life than business, such as enjoying festivals.

Jingo Note (Sen III).png


Trails of Cold Steel III