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Jingo (ジンゴ) is the shopkeeper of the Neinvalli branch in Leeves, Erebonia.


Jingo is the daughter of Ashleigh, who runs the Neinvalli store in Crossbell (which was originally situated in the Downtown District, but moved to East Street following the imperial occupation). From a young age onward, Jingo assisted her mother in the store. She also took over her mother's foul language and brazen attitude, making quite the impression on clients and tourists.

In S.1206, the 12-year-old Jingo opens her own branch on Neinvalli in the silent town of Leeves. She is assisted by her puppy Cerberus (ケルベロス), which she raises strictly so it will be trained as the strongest hunting dog. Jingo visits Heimdallr to discuss her business, demonstrating incredible negotiation skills at such a young age.

Character Notes

Jingo Note (Sen III)
Neinvalli Exchange
Tiny owner of Neinvalli with a surprisingly foul mouth. Suddenly opened a store in Leeves just this spring.
Trains Cerberus every day to make him the best hound dog. Even has him run the store sometimes...
Down to Business
Visited Heimdallr for a business deal. Even though she's young, she's very clever and capable.

Jingo Note (Sen III)


Trails of Cold Steel III

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