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Joerg Rosenberg (ヨルグ・ローゼンベルク) is the chief of the Doll Studio in Crossbell.



Jeorg is an elderly man of great size and girth, with dark brown eyes a white hair and a bushy beard. He wears a grey thick turtle-neck sweater and mustard brown trousers, with a blue craftsman's apron and matching blue shoes.


Jeorg is a reclusive and gruff individual, who takes great pride in his work and taking on jobs only if they pique his interests, althougha ddressing himself as humble. He works in solitude, using his automated dolls to liaise with those who would contact him. When challenged about entering the facility, Jeorg nonchalantly says anyone attempting to do so would die, seemingly uncaring about people who wish to try their luck.

Jeorg has a strained relationship with his superior in the 13 Factories network, F. Novartis, despite the latter's praise. Jeorg hates Noavrtis's methods and way of working, considering him inhuman. Jeorg himself is willing to cooperate on projects for the community such as the machinery at Arc en Ciel, stating it 'would be what the Goddess would have wanted.' as well as stating he firmly believes all lives are in the hands of the goddess, showing he is a man of great faith.


Joerg is widely known for the high-quality dolls he makes, known as the Rosenberg Doll, which are sold for tens of thousands of mira. He takes pride in his work and only accepts job he himself is genuinely interested in. He was requested to work on the stage and lightning of the Arc en Ciel stage.

The Doll Studio is actually part of the Thirteen Factories, for which Joerg develops the foundation of weapons used by Ouroboros. He is also an old acquaintance of Renne, helping her with adjustments and repairs of Pater-Mater.

Head of the Thirteen Factories, F. Novartis, considers Joerg peerless when it comes to fine-tuning and making the final adjustments to dolls, whether they are consumer collectables or humanoid weapons. He had Joerg do the final check on the Aion.

Despite Novartis' praise of Joerg's work, their working relationship is strained. Joerg loathes Novartis' way of working. When he was still working on the Pater-Mater, Doctor Novartis confiscated the machine and had it sync with a still very young Renne. Especially since Novartis knew the risks of his decision, Joerg considers him inhuman.

Zero and Ao no Kiseki

Jeorg gives Renne a place of refuge in Crossbell after she leaves the society and is trying to make sense of her life. He works on the repairs to Pater-Mater during this time. he has a verbal altercation with Novartis when the professor comes visiting.

The Special Support Section approach Jeorg on a small number occasions in conjunction with their work, obtaining a doll from him for Imelda or for equipment due for the Arc en Ciel theatre. When he is connected with the 13 factories, and the SSS come to ask some questions, he cooperates out of distaste for the professor's ways and gives some small details about what to expect. He has one of automated dolls guide the party in, and sternly warns them not to get lost or they would swiftly die.

Hajimari no Kiseki

Around S.1207, Joerg received a strange request by a client to create a special doll. Combining both the prowess of his doll-making and the Society's technology, he created a doll that was capable of expressing emotions and movement. The client had told him to leave the doll in a trunk near the Temple of the Moon.

Joerg was later called away for an unknown purpose, which resulted in Novartis taking custody of the workshop and modifying its interior. Before he did so, he contacted Renne and asked her to help the doll he had created when the time was right.


Zero and Ao no Kiseki


  • Imelda calls him an 'obstinate gramps'.


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