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Jona Sacred (ヨナ・セイクリッド) is a system engineer at the Epstein Foundation.


Jona was born in S.1191.

Since childhood, Jona has been attending special education for talented children at Epstein Foundation. This course is geared toward system engineering. Although Jona is naturally gifted, his grades suffer from his poor behaviour and rather play pranks than working on schoolwork. In order to avoid getting scolded by the foundation, he left for Crossbell where he has been illegally occupying the terminal room of the Geofront until the Cult Incident in S.1204.


Jona lived in the terminal room, which served as his office to sell information and survived on pizzas he had delivered. He was very well aware that he was situated at the heart of the Orbal Network in Crossbell with access to documents regarding businesses and surrounding nations. He first met the Special Support Section when he was requested to send an e-mail in the name of Yin.

Together with Tio Plato, he returned to the Epstein Foundation headquarters in Leman. Jona worked hard to redeem himself at the foundation. In his absence, the terminal room had been taken over by Enforcer No. 0, Campanella, who had hacked into the system of the Orchis Tower at the time of the West Zemuria Trade Conference, which Jona had to restore the security measures. He installed the latest model of the terminal in the Orchis Tower itself, making it much harder to hack into.


Tio Jona and Fran (Ao)

Jona assisting the resistance alongside Tio Plato and Fran Seeker.

During the Imperial occupation of Crossbell, Jona made himself useful by lending his skills to the resistance.


Zero and Ao no Kiseki

Trails of Cold Steel IV


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