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Judith Ranster (ジュディス・ランスター) is an actress introduced in Kuro no Kiseki.



Judith is a young woman with long pinkish blonde hair tied into a ponytail and turquoise eyes. There are gold accents at the tips of her ponytail and fringe. Judith wears a cream pinstripe coat with detached loose sleeves and a belt around her waist. She also wears a black midriff-baring top with a lace band, red shorts and black thigh high stockings with suspenders. A pair of sunglasses is hanging from her top. Judith wears turquoise high-heeled shoes and carries a barbed whip named Stellabute.


As one of the top actresses of the orbal cinema industry, she caught the eyes of many fans with her acting skills and pinkish blonde hair. She is friendly, but also is also highly professional when it comes to her work as an actress. She also has the strong will and sense of justice to stand up for the weak, no matter who she has to face against. Due to her slightly clumsy personality, she often finds herself in unideal situations—and sometimes even lets her enemies in on her weaknesses.[1]


Although she appears as an actress to the media, she also has a secret side job Grimcats that she conducts in between her acting.

Kuro no Kiseki



  • Arioch is her fan. When she finishes him off, he comments that she has the same pose as in a movie.



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