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Jurai City State (ca. S.1175)

Jurai Special Economic Zone (SEZ) (ジュライ特区), formerly known as Jurai City State (ジュライ市国), is a coastal city at the northwesternmost point of Erebonia, north of the Lamarre Province. After its merger with Erebonia in S.1196, it became more attractive for investors to develop offices and an entertainment district there.

Jurai is never visited in any of the games, despite being part of Erebonia.


Ripples of the Pillar of Salt

As a coastal city-state, Jurai's position was strategically favourable for international trades with North Ambria and Remiferia. Located in a relatively small territory, the prosperity of the city and its increasing population of 150,000 inhabitants made it one of the most densely packed locations in west Zemuria. Jurai, however, somehow managed to fit all its inhabitants within its current borders without getting into conflicts with its surrounding nations.

In S.1178, North Ambria was struck by a Salt Pale, something that came from The Beyond. Being one of Jurai's most prominent trading partners, Jurai's economy tumbled slightly with such a catastrophic loss. While relying on the fishing in the northern seas and septium mining, Jurai supported North Ambria and its neighbouring nations hoping to expand its trade area.

Erebonian Province

In S.1194, Jurai's mayor, who was also Crow's grandfather, received a proposition from the Imperial government that the nation's railway network would be connected to the city. The offer itself was highly lucrative, as being directly connected to Erebonia's capital would give Jurai more trading partners, and they would no longer need to rely on maritime trade.

With both the approval of the city council and the mayor, Erebonia constructed the railway station into Jurai. Shortly afterwards, the station was blown up. Rather than repairing it immediately, Erebonia chose to wait, accusing Jurai of a lack of safety protocols and their inability to apprehend the suspect. The economy began to crash once more, and the peoples' quality of life was disrupted.

Three years later, around S.1197, Chancellor Osborne suggested to Jurai that Erebonia should take control of the city-state to restore the economy and protect it from foreign enemies. Crow's grandfather, who was still mayor, soon realized Osborne's motives and adamantly refused to accept the offer, attempting to find other ways to fix the economy. He could not find any however, and during this time, the people grew restless and angry over him for supposed inaction. He reluctantly accepted the deal, making the city-state a province of Erebonia and stepped down.

True to Osborne's word, the city soon began to prosper, although it would be sometime later until people realized that their anger at the mayor was unjustified.

In the aftermath of the Great War, despite talks of independence resulting from the occupation of Crossbell ending, Jurai chose to remain with Erebonia due to the economic benefits that the merger had given them.

Notable People