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Kaela MacMillan (カエラ・マクミラン) is an intelligence officer with Calvard's governmental intelligence division and holding the rank of special second lieutenant of the Republic Army of Calvard.



Kaela is a young woman that has red-blonde hair and turquoise eyes. She wears a cream coloured skirt suit with black trim and buttons over a black turtle-neck shirt. The skit is red and she also wears black tights and tan high-heeled shoes.


Kaela is a stern individual, but logical enough to realise wanting revenge against the Empire for her father's death is pointless.


Kaela was born in S.1187 as the daughter of a commissioned officer with the Republican Army of Calvard. Their father lost his life during the war over Crossbell in S.1205. Both Kaela and her younger brother Cody followed in their father's footsteps as military officers. Kaela started working for the CID whereas her brother started serving in the fifth platoon of the army's special force, Hercules.

She works as subordinate of Kilika Rouran, director of the CID, whose acquaintance Angelica Rogner she met during the latter's time in Calvard. Kaela state she also a member of Hercules

Trails of Cold Steel IV

In August S.1206, she entered Erebonia from Remiferia together with Lucy Seiland by car. She managed to cross the border using a legitimate Remiferian passport. After their stop-over in Haliask, they stayed the night in Alster. At midnight, they entered Osgiliath Basin to speak with Duchess Mildine Juzelith de Cayenne and Weissland Army commander Aurelia Le Guin. The next day on their way back, they ran into New Class VII at lodge Noche on Old Lamare Road. Aware that they could not yet reveal their true identities, the students' attempt to identify Kaela and Lucy stranded when Thors alumna Edel intervened.

As an official with the government of Calvard, Kaela next started investigating the Republican special ops Hercules, which was said to be acting arbitrarily without permission from the Republic. Pretending to be tourist from Remiferia, she had an appeal published in the Imperial Chronicle for information on her brother Cody's whereabouts. She ended up requesting the Bracer Guild, which passed on the request to Rean Schwarzer and Class VII, to assist in the search. Together they succeeded in locating the Hercules squad. When she arrived, however, she caught her brother feuding with the rest of the squad and they pointed their weapons at Cody. Kaela jumped onto the scene to intervene and the rest of the squad fled.

During the Mille Mirage talks aboard the Pantagruel, Kaela makes her introduction as aid of President Samuel Rocksmith. She consulted Emma Millstein's specialised knowledge for details on Cody and the squad's conditions. With this valuable information and the assistance of Class VII and her higher-up, Lieutenant Humphrey, they managed to neutralise the squad in Avon Hills. On the condition of abdictating their ship to the imperial government, the squad was allowed to be repatriated to Calvard.

Kaela attends Mishelam during the Overture and is seen talking with Lucy. She forms an uneasy alliance with Heiyue in exchange for giving them information.

Character Notes

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Second Lieutenant Kaela
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Republic of Calvard
An agent of the Calvard Intelligence Division. She also serves her country as a member of Hercules, the Republic's special forces squad.
Class VII helped track down the Hercules members and freed them from the curse. Kaela vowed to return the favor.
Backroom Deals
The CID formed an uneasy alliance with Heiyue in preparation for Operation Mille Mirage.

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