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Kasim Al-Fayed (カシム・アルファイド) is a character introduced in Kuro no Kiseki.



Kaism is a tall man with violet hair and bright green eyes. He wears his hair tied up and sports a red two piece bandana. Kaism wears a black armoured shirt over grey trousers, belts and metal plated boots. He also has a white long-sleeved jacket and a brown belt with what appears to be a tower shape on his buckle. Kaism is armed with a large two-handled silver bladed weapon. The weapon tapers to a point and glows violet. It also shows the M.T.S.C. logo. Kasim is strong enough to hold this weapon with one hand.


Kasim carries himself very naturally, though has no openings to be struck, and truly is a skilled fighter and tactician.


Kasim is praised as the best warrior in the Khurga Warriors Clan. He is the older brother of Feri Al-Fayed. He cut ties with the Khurga Warriors Clan and is now working as Head of Security at Marduk in Ored.[1]




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