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Katarina Ford (カタリナ・フォード) is a bracer and receptionist of the Bracer Guild - Ardent Branch in Remiferia.



Katarina is a young woman with blue eyes and dirty blonde hair, worn in a high ponytail-braid combo. She wears a white and purple outfit with a long tail, black skirt, multiple belts around the waist and a black guard over her left shoulder. She wears white thigh-high stockings and black and gold knee high boots.


Katarina is a talented woman, capable of fulfilling multiple roles at once

Akatsuki no Kiseki

Katarina's clinic and the Bracer Guild - Remiferia Branch side by side.

As the Bracer Guild - Remiferia Branch receptionist, she gently welcomes clients with her home-made herbal tea. At the same time she puts her doctor's license to practice by working as a practicioner in her clinic next to the guild.



  • Katarina was first mentioned in Trails from Zero in the book series Back Alley Doctor Glenn. In the books, she was the love interest of the main character and was killed in an experimental operation.