Kenneth Lakelord (ケネス・レイクロード) is a professional angler, the second son of Lakelord II of the Lakelord Company and an alumnus of Thors Military Academy's Class


Kenneth was born as the second son of Baron Lakelord II. Unlike his brother, Lakelord III, Kenneth enjoys a relaxed attitude and loves to sit down and fish whenever he has the chance.

After enrolling at Thors Military Academy, he became the head of the Imperial Fishing Club. The fishing club was established by his brother, a former Thors student.

Kenneth's laid-back attitude makes it easy for him to befriend people, in particular with fellow fishing aficionados like Rean Schwarzer. He is also close to Annabelle, who was once betrothed to his brother. After Lakelord III admitted that marrying the daughter of a viscount weighed heavy on his shoulders. Secretly, Annabelle also wished to call of the marriage. Kenneth proposed they should settle the matter in first a fishing duel by their respective vice-captains, meaning Narses on behalf of Lakelord III and Rean on behalf of Kenneth, followed by a duel between both captains. Rean gives Kenneth a headstart by catching the giant swordtail.

During the battle, Annabelle realizes that Kenneth has been thinking about her's well-being and happiness all along. After Kenneth wins the fishing duel, Lakelord III apologizes for betraying Annabelle's trust and calls off their engagement.

After the marriage with his brother was cancelled, Kenneth and Annebelle continue to enjoy their time fishing together.

Character Notes

Trails of Cold Steel

Kenneth Lakelord
Kenneth Lakelord Note (Sen) Year 1 Class II Head of the Imperial Fishing Club
Head of the Imperial Fishing Club. Carefree, and loves to sit and fish whenever he has the chance.
The Imperial Fishing Club was set up by Kenneth's brother, a former student of Thors.

Trails of Cold Steel II

Kenneth Lakelord
Kenneth Lakelord Note (Sen) Year 1 Class II Head of the Imperial Fishing Club
First-year head of the Imperial Fishing Club. His family own the famous Lakelord Company, makers of fishing gear.
For Annabelle
He was fishing on Nortia Highway to try and get back a memento of Annabelle's grandmother for her.
Peas in a Pod
Despite his brother being in Crossbell, he doesn't seem especially worried about him, assuming he's just fishing there.
Problem Solved
He and his brother were able to solve the problem of Annabelle's arranged marriage through a fishing battle.

Trails of Cold Steel III

Kenneth Lakelord Note (Sen III)


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