Kiseki Wiki
Kiseki Wiki

The Kiseki Wiki is a wiki devoted to Nihon Falcom's Trails series and related products. "Kiseki" is the Japanese name for this series.


The wiki originated as a Notepad file, featuring notes quickly jotted down during playthroughs, that was eventually transferred to a Word document to support illustrations. An overgrowth of hyperlinks and anchors within the document led to the founding of a wiki by Gu4n in October 2015.

Aiming to create the best resource for Trails fans, the wiki has been growing since, currently with 3,651 articles from the help of 45 active contributors.

Kiseki Wiki runs on the MediaWiki platform, version 1.39.4, which is operated by FANDOM (formerly branded Wikia). Therefore, the admins and editors of this site have limited controls over the platform as well as features built by FANDOM. We may, however, contact the FANDOM staff to provide feedback in regards to issues or request for changes that would benefit the community.

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The current design of the wiki has been in use since 2020. You can browse previous designs of the wiki in the following gallery.

KisekiWiki2015 KisekiWiki2016 KisekiWiki2018
Initial design (2015-16) Second design (2016-18) Third design (2018-20)