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The following are Kiseki Wiki policies developed over time by the Kiseki Wiki community. Although exceptions may arise and they are subject to change, editors and readers should follow them in most cases to ensure the quality of articles as well as avoiding conflicts. Please read carefully.



  • Names of subjects exclusive to games that have not been released in English shall be referred to with the romanisation provided by Nihon Falcom or any other publisher, if available. If no romanisation is available, a temporary translation will serve as placeholder until an official source provides a romanisation or the game is released in English.
  • Games that have not been released in English shall be referred to with the Japanese name provided by Nihon Falcom or any other publisher. To streamline this process, this template is used.


  • When uploading images, do not give them gibberish names. Preferably name them conform the following template: "Subject - Image sort (Identifier of the game).file extension", for example "Rean - Menu Bust (Sen).png". At least attempt to be descriptive and to the point.
    • Likewise, there will be images named with outdated names as they were uploaded from before the official English name was known. As long as the subject is still clearly identified, there is no reason to rename the image file.


Main article: Kiseki Wiki:Article Guidelines
  • Do not plagiarise, content taken from other sources must receive permission from its original author and attribution must be provided. Do report to any admin if you encounter this case.


  • Spoiler tags are used for information considered a spoiler where one may not expect a spoiler. For example, in sections without a headings named after a game, such as Childhood. The template {{SpoilerSection}} marks the start of a spoiler and Text{{SpoilerEnd}} marks the end. For more information, see Template:SpoilerSection.
    • Spoiler tags are not used in sections named after games under e.g. Profile sections (for characters) or Background sections (for e.g. organisations).
  • Keep introductions of a page free of potential spoilers. Limit the introduction on character pages to a generic outline of the character, such as listing their profession or affiliation as they are introduced. For example, Rean Schwarzer is introduced as a member of Class VII and protagonist of Trails of Cold Steel I, II, III, and IV, his other roles will be addressed in the rest of the article.
    • An alias that is not too revealing may be mentioned in the introduction, too. For example, Renne's alias of "Angel of Slaughter" is considered part of her introduction.
  • Image(s) used in an infobox come from games that have been released in English, among those the latest chronologically is preferred.
  • Information considered a spoiler in an infobox shall be obscured using text here:
<span class=spoiler>text here</span>


  • You are not allowed to use blogs/forums/user pages to flame or troll users.
  • Excessive profane language, explicit images and racial/religious slurs will not be tolerated, and will be reverted/deleted on sight. Depending on the severity of the offense, the perpetrator will either be warned or banned outright. In other words, keep it civil.