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Kreuzen Province (クロイツェン州) is a province in Erebonia. It is situated southeast of Erebonia, sharing its southeastern border with Calvard. Its provincial capital is Bareahard, the Verdant City.


The Kreuzen Province was connected to the railway network of Erebonia in S1175. More recently, Kreuzen has implemented a significant tax increase.



Bareahard (Sen).jpg

Bareahard, also known as the Verdant City, is the capital of the Kreuzen Province. The city was established during the Middle Ages and has been ruled by the Albarea family ever since.

Celdic - Plaza 1 (Sen1).jpg

Celdic, also the known as the Market Town, is the center of a bustling agricultural industry and home to the Grand Market: a large, outdoor shopping center that attracts merchants and tourists alike.

Legram 2 (sen1).jpg

Legram, also known as the Lakeside Town, is an old castle town on the shores of Lake Ebel. It is governed by Viscount Arseid.

Military installations

Twin Dragons Bridge 5 (sen2).png

Twin Dragons Bridge is a major army base consisting of two bridges on the Celdic and the Garrelia Fortress side connected by an interconnecting stronghold in-between.

Aurochs fort - exterior 1 (sen2) .jpg

Aurochs Fort is a military installation located east of Bareahard and served as the main base for Kreuzen's provincial army.

Lohengrin Castle - Exterior 2 (sen1).jpg

Lohengrin Castle is a old castle situated across Lake Ebel from Legram. During the War of the Lions it served as a stronghold for Lianne Sandlot and the Eisenritter.


Kreuzen Province's northern area, meaning north of the Transcontinental Railroad, which runs from Trista through Celdic to Garrelia Fortress, is home of the Vestia Forest.[JP 1] The southern part of the forest is a preserved natural park owned by the Albarea family known as Lunaria Nature Park. South of the forest and Celdic is the Grand Granary,[JP 2] an area dedicated to food provision for Erebonia.

The Regulus Riverレグルス河, originating just south of Nord Highlands, enters the Kreuzen Province through the Vestia Forest and runs past the Aurochs Fort to Lake Ebel in the Arseid Viscounty. East of Bareahard is the Aurochs Canyon.[JP 3] Between the Aurochs Fort and the border with Calvard was a road known as the Abandoned Path.[JP 4]







  • Kreuzen is a German verb which translates to "intersect, cross".


  1. ヴェスティア大森林
  2. 大穀倉地帯
  3. オーロックス峡谷
  4. 廃道