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The Krone Pass (クローネ(とうげ)) is the Royal Army's guarded checkpoint between the regions of Bose and Ruan in Liberl, situated 441 selge east of the City of Bose and 356 selge north of Manoria Village.


Krone Pass

Trails in the Sky FC


The Krone Pass is the smallest of the checkpoints in Liberl with only barracks for the guards, and orbal charging station in the main hall, and a small room for travelers. This is due to the difficulty of traversing the Krone Trail, making airship travel much more desirable.

Estelle and Joshua stay here after deciding to travel around the country as junior bracers to obtain recommendations. Here they meet Agate again, and the same night the pass is attacked by monsters, which the bracers help fight off.



Trails in the Sky SC


Felicity, one of Kloe's schoolmates from Jenis Royal Academy runs away from Bose after being misled into an arranged marriage meeting by Reina. She is able to make it all the way to the Krone Pass before being found by bracers sent to retrieve her before she heads into any more danger by herself.

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During the country-wide Orbal Shutdown Phenomenon, the orbment charging station stops functioning. Despite security being increased, Estelle and the other bracers are granted a special exception that allows them to cross the checkpoint freely. Ray can be found here with Antoine, and gives the party the recipe to his Aurora Ball invention.

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