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Lacan Worzel (ラカン・ウォーゼル) is a member of the nomadic people of the Nord Highlands and considered one of its finest warriors.[1] Lacan is the father of Gaius.



Lacan is an imposing man sharing many of the typical traits of the Nord highlands: a great height, darker complexion, and dark-brown wavy hair. Lacan wears his hair swept and tied back with numerous braids trailing off, ending in cyan beads and red feathers. What appears to be a long horizontal scar stretches across his face underneath his eyes.

Lacan dresses in the traditional Nord fashion, Long and thick woven fabrics to keep them warm in the winds of the Nord Highlands. He wears many layers, a white buttoned shirt, covered by a thick creamed tunic tied with a green cloth belt. Lacan wears a large navy coat with an intricate geometrical pattern. A green patch is attached to one of his shoulders. He also wears knee high leather riding boots with silver patterns over cream leggings.

Lacan uses a great spear in battle, of similar design to that of Gaius , his son. It features the same Cross shaped blade at the top and a spike attached the counter weight on the other end.


Lacan is a proud warrior spirit, and lets his son Gaius move independently, offering him advice and blessings. He welcomes Class VII openly into his home and welcomes the assistance they are offering. He shares his knowledge freely. Lacan explains that he can tell horses feelings from spending time with them.


Trails of Cold Steel I and II

Lacan was appointed as the one choosing the tasks for Class VII during their field study, limited their tasks to the southwestern reaches of the highlands. After lunch, he prepared tasks that would take them to the northern highlands.

Lacan demonstrated his capabilities as a warrior in Trails of Cold Steel II, where he effortlessly wiped out a Magic Knight on his own with nothing but a few spear strikes. He has been patrolling the highlands taking care of ever-increasingly powerful monsters and creatures unleashed by jaegar corps. he state she does not quite measure up to Wallace Bardias in skill level.

Later, Lacan is mentioned as being elsewhere in the Highlands, fighting off monsters.

Trails into Reverie

Although he does not appear in person, Lacan is mention as being far away, helping to set up an emergency relocation for the Nomadic Settlement due to the trouble Nord might face with the autonomous tanks.


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