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The Lakeside Laboratory is a secret laboratory that was one of Ouroboros' secret bases during the events of the Gospel Plan in Liberl.


The Lakeside Laboratory was one of Ouroboros' secret bases during the events of the Gospel Plan. It is currently situated on the North East side of Valleria Lake.

In S.1202, Ouroboros began using it as a hideout for the purposes of the Gospel Plan. There, Ouroboros researched the Gospels and began studying various projects into super-soldiers and archaisms.

The Lakeside Laboratory was eventually discovered by a Bracer Guild party consisting of Kurt Nardin, Carna, Grant and Anelace Elfead whom Ouroboros captured and hypnotized. Ouroboros was then forced to abandon it in favour of the Glorious, when a force consisting of Estelle Bright, Kevin Graham and co. infiltrated to rescue their captured friends.

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After the events in Liberl, the Lakeside Laboratory was appropriated by the Zeiss Central Factory. It would be then be used for several secret international cooperation engineering projects spearheaded by Olivert Reise Arnor. Most notably, this includes the development of next generational high-speed cruisers, the Courageous II and Arseille II.

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The Lakeside Laboratory is a research facility consisting of four floors and the airship landing bay on the roof. Certain doors can also only be opened by colour-coded keycards.