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Lamare Province (ラマール州) is a province in Erebonia. It is the westernmost province of Erebonia, bordering on the Balares Sea. Its provincial capital is Ordis, the Port City.


The Lamare Province is under control of the Cayenne Duchy. As the largest province of Erebonia, it is home to a great variety of landscapes, from the coastline facing Balares Sea to the arid climate of the inner mountainous areas such as Languedoc Valley. Lamare is not only the largest, but also considered the wealthiest province in Erebonia thanks to its provincial capital, Ordis, a port city that thrives as the largest trading post on the west coast of Zemuria, and Raquel, home to more entertainment than any other city in Erebonia.

During the October War from October to December S.1204, Ordis served as the Noble Alliance headquarters. The Lamare Province became a warzone where the Imperial Army of Erebonia and military forces of the Noble Alliance frequently engaged in battle. Even after Rufus Albarea of the Noble Alliance and the imperial government called to a ceasefire, remains of the Noble Alliance under command of General Aurelia Le Guin continued to occupy Juno Naval Fortress until August S.1205.

In June S.1206, at the time of the Imperial Provincial Council, Ordis and Juno Naval Fortress were attacked by remnants of the Northern Jaegers.

More recently, Lamare has implemented a significant tax increase.



Ordis - Introduction (CS III).png

Ordis, also known as the Port City, is the provincial capital of the Lamare Province. Ordis is the home of the Cayenne duchy. With a population mounting to 460,000 people, it is the second largest city in Erebonia.

Raquel (Day) - Introduction (CS III).png

Raquel, also known as the Entertainment City, historically played an important role as hub of the Lamare Province, leading to the formation of an entertainment district. Theatres, casinos, gambling dens and high class clubs define the cityscape of Raquel.

Bryonia Island (Sen III).jpg

Bryonia Island is an uninhabited island situated 120 selge off the coast of Ordis. It can be reached by boat from Ordis. It is, known throughout Erebonia for its ruins, features a colossal statue similar to the one found in the Nord Highlands.

Milsante - Introduction (Sen IV).jpg

Milsante, also known as the Inn Town, is a popular tourist attraction. Many people visit it to witness the beauty of the Gala Lake.

Alster - Introduction (Sen IV).jpg

Alster is a remote village situated southwest of the Osgiliath Basin. Alster is a small town that is built around a plaza in its centre.
Aragon is a mining town situated in the Aragon Mountain Range. Aragon has been able to meet the growing demand for materials for the construction of Panzer Soldats, its mining chief is worried about the deteriorating working condition and the exhaustion of the mine.

Grenville[JP 1] is a small city connected to the Transcontinental Railroad. It is Sidney's hometown.

Military installations

Juno Naval Fortress - Introduction (CS III).png

Juno Naval Fortress is a naval fortress originally built in the Dark Ages, but continuously renovated and used by numerous military formations throughout time. It is currently serves as the Unified Regions Army's headquarters under command of Wallace Bardias.

Dnieper Gate[JP 2] is a military gate that serves as a checkpoint between the Lamare Province and the northern North Ambria Province.

Ober Gate[JP 3] is a military gate that serves as a checkpoint between the Lamare Province and the northwestern Jurai SEZ.


As Erebonia's westernmost province, Lamare Province borders on the Balares Sea.[JP 4] In its southern regions, the sea has given shape to the Malva Coast[JP 5] and Olbia Lowlands.[JP 6] Situated 150 selge off the coast of provincial capital Ordis is Bryonia Island, a once inhabited but now deserted island.

The Izellia River[JP 7] enters the province through Ordis and ends near Avon Hills.[JP 8] From Ordis in the west, the Transcontinental Railroad runs through the Languedoc Canyon[JP 9] over the Gala Lake[JP 10] between Milsante and Grenvelle, which branches southward into the Sutherland Province as the Trish River[JP 11] to the Heimdallr region. Situated north of Ordis and the Juno Naval Fortress is the Sheelin Bay.[JP 12]

The northern part of Lamare Province is a mountainous area. In the northwest the Aragon Mountain Range[JP 13] can be found, with the Ober Branch Line running through its Valla Ravine[JP 14] to Jurai SEZ. Branching toward the eastern side of the Aragon Mountain Range is the Dnieper Branch Line toward North Ambria.

East of the Dnieper Branch Line, north of the Heimdallr region, is an enormous crater-like rock formation with the Osgiliath Basin[JP 15] at its centre. The basin is equidistant from the giant statue on Bryonia Island and the giant statue in Nord Highlands, suggesting that the ancient battle between the two guardians took place in Osgiliath Basin.


The Lamare Province is governed by the Cayenne Duchy, one of the Four Great Houses of Erebonia.

Following Duke Croire de Cayenne's arrest after the October War, the imperial government his uncle, Marquis Wilhelm Ballad, as interim overseer of the Lamare Province. Duke Cayenne's aide, Syra, who served in this position since the civil war, ended his term of service in the Spring of S.1206. He was succeeded by Patrick T. Hyarms. In August S.1206, Carl Regnitz became the interim overseer of Lamare Province.


Historically, the Cayenne Duchy has been guarded by the Lamare Provincial Army. Its latest commander, General Aurelia Le Guin, is the daughter of the previous commander and famous general, Count Le Guin.

After the end of the October War, the provincial army became part of the Unified Regions Army based in Juno Naval Fortress.



The Lamare Province was connected to the railway network of Erebonia in S.1175.

Name Course
Transcontinental Railroad Ordis - Raquel - Milsante - Grenville - Heimdallr - Crossbell
Lamare Main Line
Ordis - Heimdallr (end)
Dnieper Branch Line
Raquel (start) - Dnieper Gate - Haliask
Ober Branch Line Raquel (start) - Ober Gate - Jurai SEZ


Name Course
West Lamare Highway
Ordis - Languedoc Canyon - Juno Naval Fortress
Auros Coastal Road
Ordis - South Lamare Province
West Languedoc Canyon Road
West Lamare Highway - Raquel
North Languedoc Canyon Road
Raquel - Jurai SEZ
Old Lamare Road
North Languedoc Canyon Road - Alster/Aragon/North Ambria
Milsante Byroad
Milsante - Raquel

Notable people from Lamare



  • Lamare is known as 'Lamarre' in Falcom's romanisation.


Japanese names

  1. グレンヴィル
  2. ドニエペル門
  3. オーベル門
  4. バルアレス海
  5. マルヴァ海岸
  6. オルビア低地
  7. イゼリア河
  8. エイボン丘陵
  9. ラングドック峡谷
  10. ガラ湖
  11. トリシュ河
  12. シーリン湾
  13. アラゴン山脈
  14. ヴァラ峡谷
  15. オスギリアス盆地