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Lambert Mach (ランベルト・マッハ) is an alumnus of Thors Military Academy's Class II ('03-'05) and the son of a baron. He was the former captain of the Thors Military Academy's riding club, along with his horse, Whitcomb.



Lambert is a young man with brown eyes, thick eyebrows and swept back brown hair. He wears the standard nobles uniform of Thors Military Academy consisting of a white and purple blazer with gold trimmings, a white shirt and trousers and a purple tie.


While he is a noble, he shows to have a great passion and enjoyment when it comes horses. Enough that he cares for one black stallion by the name of Whitcomb, of whom the two share a deep bond as rider and steed. But never the less, Lambert shows himself with great pride and motivation when it comes to showing his fellow classmates both noble and commoner the ropes in horse riding. He and Jusis seem to show a good understanding when it comes to riding horses. He has a boastful spirit along with being ever optimistic.

Trails of Cold Steel I and II

He's shown to be an excellent horse rider, becoming Captain of the Riding Club at Thor's Academy. But he's also built well enough that he can even lift a two-handed sword and swing it effortlessly. When the Noble Alliance took over the academy, he was separated from his faithful steed, and went through a gruelling training over the next three months to strength himself along with obtaining an ARCUS Unit and using Combat Links, enough to challenge Class VII when they return to liberate the academy.

Trails of Cold Steel IV

During the Great War, Lambert is one of the unseen Thors Graduates that helps on board the Ark Royal. He states he and his favourite horse will distract the enemy in their formation.

Character Notes

Trails of Cold Steel

Lambert Note (Sen).png Year 2 Class II Riding Club
Always with his beloved horse and partner Whitcomb. Head of the Riding Club, and passionate about horses.
True Partner
Despite rising tensions in the Empire, he swears to overcome any obstacle with Whitcomb at his side.

Trails of Cold Steel II

Lambert Note (Sen).png Year 2 Class II Riding Club
Bighearted captain of the Riding Club and son of a baron. Believes no horse lover can be a bad person.
After roughly two months of being apart, he was finally reunited with his beloved Whitcomb.
Imperial Cavalry
He plans to join the Imperial Cavalry, part of the Imperial Guard, and assess where Erebonia stands as a noble soldier.


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