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Professor Latoya Hamilton (ラトーヤ・ハミルトン博士) is one of Professor C. Epstein's three pupils, along with Albert Russell and G. Schmidt, and co-founder of the Epstein Foundation.



Latoya is an elderly woman with long flowing greying blonde hair and turquoise eyes, over which she wears glasses. She wears a thick magenta pinstripe turtleneck along with a long black skirt and maroon high-heeled shoes. Over this outfit, Latoya wears a white lab coat with the insignia of Basel University on the upper arm. Around her neck is an ornate silver pendant with an unknown significance.


Hamilton is an altruistic person. She was mindful of the technological gap between regions. Hamilton long believed it were the rural and remote areas that needed orbal technology more than other regions. Hamilton enlisted the help of the Bracer Guild, which already had a close relationship with the Epstein Foundation, and formed a mission with the intent of promoting and spreading the technology where applicable. Professor Hamilton also toured the regions with the aim of spreading public awareness and laying foundations for other to build on in the future.[1]


In addition to being one the top three disciples of the renowned professor Epstein, Latoya is an honorary professor at the College of Science in the engineering city Basel, as well as ex-lead advisor for total technology company Verne, having quit three years prior. She has achieved great success in the republic, and has two apprentices of her own: Esmeray Archette and Quatre Salision. She lets her apprentices take over as she travels abroad for research. Her current primary research is to find solutions to the dessertification of Eastern Zemuria, with the help from different parties, including Heiyue.




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