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Lau (ラウ) is the right hand man of branch manager Cao Lee of Heiyue in Crossbell.



Lau is a large, well-built man with a stern expression and quiet disposition. He has short dark green spiky hair with a single ponytail in the back, reaching his back. he has a neatly trimmed beard that matches. Lau wears the uniform of Heiyue operatives: a dark double breasted suit over a collared white shirt with gold buttons.


Lau gives the impression of being extremely loyal, never questioning his superiors orders or failing to carry them out, despite his personal opinions on the matter. He is seemingly very reserved, never giving away what he is thinking or showing overt displays of emotion.

Trails from/to Zero and Azure

Lau is part of Heiyue's operations in Crossbell City's Harbor District, where he acts as the righthand man of its branch manager Cao Lee. When Lau is not seen by the side of his superior, it is when he is acting as a bodyguard for the visiting grandson of the elder, Xin.

Lau surmises it was the work of Revache's men who attacked their headquarters, noting their weaponry, combat tactics and unusual strength.

He defends their new branch from attack during the assault on the city by the Red Constellation.

Trails of Cold Steel III and IV

Lau acts as a bodyguard for Xin whilst Cao is away on business. Under orders, he enlists the assistance of Class VII in retrieving a suitcase full of information pertaining to those trapped in Operation: Birdcage.

Lau is present with Cao when the news about the National Mobilization law is announced and the group make their plans for the upcoming Great War.

Later, Lau obstructs Class VII in their attempts to travel through the Geofront alongside Cao Lee. They are ultimately unsuccessful as Estelle Bright and Elie MacDowell arrive to engage the pair in battle.

Trails into Reverie

Lau is amongst the Heiyue forces deployed against the Special Support Section at the Sun Fort, where he is fought directly for the first time. He is defeated after a battle, leading to Cao Lee and Garcia Rossi participating directly.

Lau later assists resistance forces against Supreme Leader Rufus Albarea's forces.