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Legram (湖畔の町レグラム, kohan no machi reguramu), also known as the Lakeside Town, is a old castle town on the shores of Lake Ebel in the southeastern outskirts of Erebonia.

A popular magnet of millions is the Lohengrin Castle, a castle situated just off the coast in Lake Ebel. It was the headquarters of the Eisenritter, of which the legends are still popular among citizens of Legram.

The Legram ruling household of Arseid, currently Victor S. Arseid, are descendants of the Eisenritter's second-in-command. Legram is a popular holiday destination for in particular inhabitants of the Sutherland Province, which can easily access the town by boat.


The following is a list of inhabitants of Legram. Political refugees during the Erebonian Civil War are marked in italic.

Viscount Arseid's Mansion

Arseid School Training Hall

Legram Chapel

  • Father Hamilton
  • Sister Theramis
  • Vivi (Thors student)

Aprikoze Inn

  • Weiber (owner)
  • Seria (employee)
  • Maria (mother) and Nico (son)
  • Representative Barrows (father), Kei (mother) and Lina (daughter)

Watteau's Store

  • Old Man Watteau
  • Duncan

Legram - House 1

  • Old Lady Daphne (grandmother)
  • Sven (father)
  • Cindy (daughter)
  • Julian (son)

Legram - House 2

  • Logan (father)
  • Liscia (mother)
  • Karno (son)
  • Chloe (daughter)
  • Pero (dog)


  • Old Man Bem



  • The inn's name derives from the German word Aprikose (apricot), and NPC Weiber translates to an colloquial/insulting term for "women".

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