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The Leiston Fortress (レイストン要塞) is the headquarters of the Royal Army of Liberl.

It is located on the shore of Valleria Lake in the region of Zeiss, Liberl, approximately 337 selge north of the City of Zeiss.


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Hundred Days War 3 (FC)

General MorganCassius Bright and Alan Richard of the Royal Army devising Liberl's counterattack from within the Leiston Fortress.

Within a month after the outbreak of the Hundred Days War, the Imperial Army of Erebonia had occupied nearly all of the Liberl territory except for Leiston Fortress and the Grancel region, which remained in remained in opposition.

Unbeknownst to the Imperial army, three patrol ships were quietly being developed behind the walls of Leiston Fortress. Upon completion, they were put under the direction of veteran commander General Morgan. A large scale counterattack was launched and the outcome of the war was tipped in Liberl's favour.

Thanks to Leiston's opposition during the war, it is now considered as an impregnable fortress.


Zeiss - Leiston Fortress 6 (FC)


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