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Leman State (レマン自治州(じちしゅう)) is a sovereign state in the center of Zemuria.


Leman houses a number of continent-wide known organizations, such as the international headquarters of the Bracer Guild. Being the home location of the Guild headquarters, the organization houses several training grounds across along with the state's prestigious universities and other educational facilities. Leman is notably the birth and death place of C. Epstein, the innovating father of the Orbal Revolution and the Epstein Foundation was established in his honor by his three disciples. While unknown to the public and Epstein's three disciples, Epstein's daughter Lillia Claudel went into hiding and eventually Epstein's descendants included his great-grandaughter Agnes Claudel who is the daughter of Roy Gramheart, the current president of Calvard.

As of S.1204, the state has been cooperating with the Epstein Foundation and Crossbell to connect both states to the orbal network, the next step in orbal-waved communication equivalent to the Internet.


The state is in the center of the continent, and is nearby Arteria and Calvard.

  • Le Locle Canyon- A canyon used as the Bracer guilds training headquarters. Notable landmarks include the Balstar channel, Saint-Croix Forest and Grimsel Fortress

Government & Politics

International Relations

Leman seems to take a neutral stance wherever possible, cooperating with all nations. It is perhaps best known for being the headquarters of the Bracer Guild, whose employees work continent wide to better the life of people. Bracers relative autonomy and political independence did result in negative relations with Erebonia when the Bracer Guilds were shut down. It is also known for being the headquarters of the Epstein Foundation, who cooperate to bring orbal technology to the world, working extensively in Crosbell to test their device, but falling out with Calvard after the Verne company left their agreement and started working on a next generation orbment independent of the Foundation.


Although Leman's exact military size and structure is unknown, during the Great War, a force of 20,000 volunteer soldiers from their national guard was sent to take part in Operation Mille Mirage. During the preparations, Estelle Bright states that the bracers will work in tandem with Leman's forces to create safe evacuation routes for citizens.


Several companies and organisations are located in or have headquarters in Leman.

  • Strega Corporation - Shoe manufacturer Strega was established in S.1152 in Leman. While they primarily focus on footwear, the scope of their business includes athletic clothing such as swimwear as well.
  • Epstein Foundation - The continent leaders in orbal technology and development, founded in honor of C. Epstein. They have a monopoly on combat orbment production.
  • Bracer Guild Headquarters - The Bracer Guild's main Headquarters, and training facilities are located in Leman.
  • Research institutes and universities
  • An art museum featuring celadon urns.


  • Leman might be named after Lake Geneva, also known as Lake Léman, a lake on the northern border between Switzerland and France.[1]
  • Corroborating this theory, many locale's names in Leman have a connection to Switzerland. Le Locle is a small industrial town in the canton of Neuchâtel, known for its watchmaking industry. Sainte-Croix is a village in the canton of Vaud, known for it's 'International Centre for Art Mechanics' (music boxes and automatons). Grimsel is a mountain pass in the Alps between the cantons of Bern and Valais. As for 'Balstar channel', if we swap an 'r' for an 'l', we have Balsthal, a village in the canton of Solothurn known for its paper and machinery industry.
  • The current placement of Leman State in Zemuria is currently unknown since it isn't shown on the map of the continent released with Trails of Cold Steel IV.